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Sensedia Case Study: Cielo LIO – An Open Innovation Platform to Revolutionize Business Management

Recently, Means of Payment solutions have been offered, mostly, in a digital way. Now, however, in addition to the concern regarding making the payment and guaranteeing this transaction, there are other connection possibilities, in which companies start to allow other players to interact with this payment, opening opportunities for integration with applications that focus on Management, Loyalty, and Collection Services, among others.

With a model for partner integration through APIs, it is possible for companies to integrate the entire value chain present in their business, and this integration must be agile and uncomplicated so that it can be executed in a matter of days, instead of months. With that in mind, Cielo found, through the LIO (a POS machine), the possibility of having an Open Innovation Platform, enabling the opening of business with partners and applications that can be directly connected, facilitating the daily work of shopkeepers.

The main goal of this launch was to increase the services that can be offered to customers, expanding their market possibilities and positioning Cielo as a partner of these shopkeepers, becoming a solutions company with an ecosystem of partners in the management of the business, as opposed to focusing solely on means of payment.

This strategy is based on the customer at the center of the digital transformation, and to make this possible, Cielo saw that the use of open APIs would be the best solution, transforming the LIO into a simple, easy-to-use platform that allows for greater scalability, with which shopkeepers are able to see results that have a direct impact on their business. Additionally, the open platform enables developers registered on the portal to be part of the ecosystem of LIO and other products, thereby actively contributing to the expansion and continuous improvement of the business.

By allowing this type of integration, Cielo continues to operate in its core business of payment services, but adding value and enabling tailor-made solutions to client shopkeepers through partners. Currently, it features more than 200 integrated applications, in addition to over 6,000 registered developers, consuming LIO APIs through the Sensedia API Platform.

Learn more about the case below:

Read the original article here. Find out more about Sensedia here.

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