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SME Financing Startup Finturi is expanding its services

Finturi – a Dutch FinTech start-up that connects SMEs to financiers through its platform, for short-term working capital is broadening its services.

“Dutch exports are of crucial importance to the economy and contribute about a third of the gross domestic product. Despite the weight that Dutch exporting companies carry, doing business is not always made easy for them. For example, it is very difficult to obtain financing based on foreign invoices. Finturi will change that, ” said David Buschman, CEO, Finturi.

SMEs could already get a short-term loan from Finturi based on a B2B invoice to a Dutch customer. But from now on loans can also be obtained based on invoices sent to customers in countries that fall within the OECD.

“In addition, until recently, we used a limit of € 50,000 per company. We have lifted that restriction to be able to meet the needs of our customers even better,” says Buschman.

At Finturi, loans are provided based on future income. The sales invoice serves this purpose. This invoice is not taken over by Finturi, as is the case with factoring companies. The SMEs remain in full control of their customer and do not need to enter into a subscription or forward contract. Maximum flexibility and freedom without pledging or guarantees.

Finturi is convinced that these steps contribute to the goal of making working capital financing fairer and more accessible to SMEs.

Read the original article here. Find out more about Finturi here.

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