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The Advantages and Disadvantages of CI/CD for FinTech
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Protiviti: Best Tech Investments for 2021: Where to Focus in the Coming Year

It’s a new year, so let’s take a look at the technologies that are (or should be) on everyone’s investment list for 2021. As organizations adjust to life in post-pandemic times, where should CIOs and CISOs be turning their focus to realize both short and long-term return on those investments? Below, we share just a few of the “top of mind” technologies for 2021.

Building on a Strategic Plan

It’s a fundamental step to building an effective technology stack, but many organizations jump in without an end goal in mind. Simply put, tech leaders should develop a comprehensive strategy that aligns technology planning with business objectives. According to Protiviti, the expected trends for 2021 in terms of Tech Investments are:

  1.  Cloud
  2. Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence and Other Emerging Technologies
  3. Automated Data Discovery
  4. Open Source Data Management
  5. Quantum Computing


Find out more about Protiviti here. Read the full article here

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