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Sensedia E-book: Bringing Open Banking strategies to the next level

About the content

The growth of digital banks and fintech companies has put the traditional banking model under pressure to change. New competitors constantly appear with more agile digital proposals, massively using data to generate insights and provide customized products and services, maximizing the user experience.

Similarly, new regulations such as PSD2 encourage the opening and controlled exchange of bank data through, in the main, Application Programming Interfaces (APIs). The expectation is that evolving regulations will radically change the way financial sector business is conducted, increasing competition and efficiency.

In this whitepaper, Sensedia has brought the concept of Open Banking and its four main pillars and it also discusses regulations, security, Bank-as-a-Platform (BaaP), why Open Data, Open Banking: an opportunity or a threat and Open Finance.

About Sensedia

Sensedia focuses on modern integrations solutions and offers world-class products, such as the Sensedia API Platform, Adaptive Governance, Events Hub, Service Mesh and Cloud Connectors. The company also provides Strategy & Professional Services around full life cycle API management. Sensedia has more than 100 enterprise customers (Banks, Payments, Insurers, Retailers, marketplaces, among others.)


Sensedia is recognized by the Gartner Magic Quadrant as Visionary and by the Forrester Wave report as a Strong Performer, both regarding our full life cycle management products. Sensedia is also recognized as a Leader among API Strategy and Delivery Service Providers by the Forrester Wave.

Read the e-book here.

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