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Make Life Easy with bunq Update 16!

bunq Update 16 brings you many amazing features that make life easy ????

Let’s take a look at them!

  • Gift Tree Planting to your Bestie: Your Bestie can now also plant a tree for every €100 spent with their bunq cards. Maximize your green impact by planting trees together!
  • Easy Green Widget: Spread the love and show everyone how close you are to becoming CO2 free! You can add this widget to your website or blog in seconds.
  • Activities: Enjoy spending time together without ever having to think about expenses. Simply start an activity and all your card payments are automatically added to a shared pot. Split it at the end with one tap!
  • Loyalty Cards: Never worry about bringing dozens of loyalty cards with you. Simply add them to the app and have full access anytime, anywhere.
  • Budget V2: Fully customize your budget by choosing your starting date and include/exclude as many accounts as you like.
  • Payment Sorter by %: Always be in control of your money by sorting incoming payments the way you want: in amounts or percentages, the choice is yours!
  • Places: Visiting a new place? Use Places to find out where other bunqers have been and always enjoy the best hot-spots in town!
  • Inner Circle: Using bunq with your friends and loved ones? Add them to your Inner Circle for an easy overview and never lose sight of them again.


Read the original article here. Find out more about bunq here.

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