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Why change strategy now?

Mambu: Acommodating the evolving needs of modern banking

At first consideration, banking may seem like an unlikely focus point for the transformative potential of lean and agile digital technology. Images of cumbersome vaults, grand buildings and long-standing heritage colour the industry’s popular perception. However, whereas once rigid endurance was the measure of a bank’s success, now, particularly in the COVID-19-affected world, the core distinguisher of quality in a leading organisation centres on change and the ability to adapt to it. Launched in 2011, Mambu was created in order to facilitate this operational shift for banking clients using a combination of future-ready tech and a visionary cultural philosophy.

“I always had a passion for combining my interest in technology with something a little bit more broad,” explains Eugene Danilkis, CEO and co-founder. “I wanted to figure out the way people interact with technology and how that information could be employed to design a great user experience, injecting technology in the right parts of the journey.” A computer science major and genuinely passionate about how technology interacts with people, Danilkis gained experience first as a programmer and then as a team lead. It was while working in an interdisciplinary programme at Carnegie Mellon University combining tech design, business and psychology that he determined the value a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform could have in the finance sector. “We realised that giving organisations anywhere in the world a platform upon which they can build and create financial products and digital experiences would have a massive impact.”

Read the full article here. Find out more about Mambu here.

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