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Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between the Japanese Fintech Association & Holland Fintech

On Wednesday, February 3rd 2021, a MoU was signed between the FinTech Association of Japan (FAJ) and Holland FinTech, during the virtual mission, with Dutch State Secretary Mona Keijzer as witness. The purpose of this agreement was to outline the intention of FAJ and Holland FinTech to share knowledge, connect the fintech networks and collaborate events and exchanges.


About The Fintech Association of Japan (“FAJ”)

The FAJ is a general incorporated association that promotes open innovation in the Japanese fintech industry by organizing events for its members and the fintech community, conducting working groups on key fintech subsectors and areas of interest, researching market trends, and other activities in support of the fintech ecosystem. The FAJ collaborates with domestic, international, and government organizations in support of the fintech ecosystem in Japan and globally.

About Holland FinTech

Holland FinTech has built a vast knowledge base through research and operates an enormous network of change agents that tie strongly into the financial industry across Europe. Working through a program for collaboration, transformation and impact, Holland FinTech offers its vast network of over 400 member companies a unique advantage to be part of the future of the financial industry and drive forward the digital economy.

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