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I recently made a decision: I need housekeeping help. I’ve resisted it for a long time – I can do it myself, it is expensive, I don’t like it when a stranger touches my belongings… But in the meantime, my house looked a mess. Time and again, chores didn’t get done, which annoyed me until I suddenly realised: what am I doing to myself? I don’t like it, I don’t have time for it and I’m not even good at it. Why would I still try to do it myself?

I want a clean and tidy house, in which I can live in comfort. Now that we work from home more often, the need for a house in which I can concentrate on the things I’m good at is even more pressing. It’s how I earn my money, after all. And it’s much better to outsource the rest. 

Organisations should be able to take similar considerations into account when it comes to IT. What is the most important IT requirement for any organisation? That it’s all maintained by their own IT team? No – that it works! Especially now people spend less time in the office, it is becoming clear that this is the main requirement: IT needs to work. That’s where everything starts. Where and when I work are not nearly as important to me as the certainty to know that when I work, the resources I use to do my job are always available.

Focused Work

Did you know that it takes an average of 23 minutes before you can continue your work with full focus after an interruption? Even if it lasted only two minutes? A survey conducted by Citrix at the end of 2019 showed that 29.6% of Dutch end users regularly have to deal with IT applications that do not work – due to updates, downtime, malfunctions, and so forth. Respondents in that survey think they could do 16.6% more work on average, if IT worked properly all the time. That’s 5 hours per 40-hour work week!

These figures are probably no better now, under the influence of Corona. And Corona is certainly not the last major challenge that organisations will face. IT is becoming more and more complex and the pressure is rising. We have to keep doing our work with increasing numbers of different apps and ever larger amounts of data. Is it realistic to expect your own IT department to continue to support all this? Is that truly their core business?

The added value of having your own IT department should be in the development of new applications that can better support the core activities of the organisation. In practice, IT is all about keeping others’ work environments going by any means available. They don’t want to do that, have no time for it and (according to the Citrix research) are not even very good at it. So why not outsource the work?

Lango Workspace

Solvinity has been providing Secure Managed IT Services for years, taking over a large part of organisations’ operational IT efforts. Now, we have added an important new service: the Lango Workspace. It is a digital workspace in the cloud that all employees can open directly in a browser. It is ideal for end users: their entire work environment, including company news, contact details, calendar, documents and applications, can be accessed anywhere, anytime and from any device. It places all the information they need – from different sources, on-premises or from the cloud – conveniently in one intuitive interface that nearly all employees can master in no time at all. If there are any questions, our Lango Coach is available to offer advice and support. 

Because Lango runs in the cloud, the entire environment can be managed centrally. This makes onboarding and provisioning a breeze, but also that security is much easier to manage, and more. Single sign-on ensures that employees only need to remember one good password, and because the Lango Workspace is cloud-based, you no longer have to worry about update and patch management.

Lango is effortless to roll out and manage for small and large groups of users, and is quickly embraced by everyone as a pleasant working environment. That’s convenient if you’re suddenly welcoming many new colleagues after a takeover, for instance. Or if everyone suddenly has to work from home. Or if you want to introduce a new application. 

And because Lango is part of our broader portfolio of secure managed services, the most important result is operational security. By entrusting a single professional service provider with these matters, you can be sure that all services offered from Lango communicate well and are carefully maintained. So that you and your IT department can focus on more important things than ‘keeping the light on’.

As soon as Corona allows me, I’ll look for housekeeping help. I hope none of you have to wait that long to contact us for an effective and safe work environment. Because IT needs to work, always. Quick, easy, anytime and anywhere.

Author: Danny Vosman, Architect & Product owner Lango Workspace at Solvinity.

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