The Advantages and Disadvantages of CI/CD for FinTech

Weekly Research Highlights – 2 February 2021

For this weekly research piece, we dive and explore the newest figures from the fintech world. We look at remittances, regulations, digital assets, financial literacy, successful onboarding methods, funding rounds, fintech deals and transactions, and how Covid-19 is facilitating digital finance and transformation. Enjoy the latest stats!

On Remittances…

Mobile Money and International Remittances (GSMA)

In this research, the importance of international remittances is highlighted, and the high traction they are gaining due to the development of mobile technologies. Digitisation is facilitating cost reduction in terms of sending money internationally, bringing us closer to the achievement of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal 10. C, as well contributing to the achievement of other UN SDGs, such as reduction of poverty, gender equality, and climate resilience. Read more

Regulating digital assets: new developments…

Regulatory Approaches to the Tokenisation of Assets (OECD)

This report provides conceptual clarity on asset tokenization and frameworks pursued by policymakers regarding this market. The findings also identify some key regulatory issues in tokenized assets and markets that policymakers should be aware of, and also may bring the attention of the policymakers. A substantial list of policy making approaches taken by different countries concerning asset tokenisation markets and their participants is also highlighted. Read more

On financial literacy…

Digital Delivery of Financial Education: Design and Practice (OECD)

This report gathers data from over 70 case studies sources, from members of the OECD International Network on Financial Education, and contributes to a better understanding of how public authorities worldwide are designing, delivering and evaluating digital financial education initiatives. Furthermore, the findings present a comprehensive guide on the digital delivery of financial education. Read more

How to achieve “onboarding nirvana”…

Solving onboarding – The catalyst in creating a unique end-to-end client relationship (Finextra & box)

Businesses in financial services firms have embarked on a digital transformation journey, but are still facing many challenges ahead. Firms have become aware that a seamless onboarding represents the first step in building a successful client lifecycle. The research explores the onboarding challenges for digitally-native clients, the role that data and information management play in meeting smooth onboarding goals, and the efforts being made towards what the industry describes as “onboarding nirvana”, based on a 360-degree view of the client. Read more

Latin America fintech landscape: New record set in 2020…

FinTech funding in Latin America set a new record in 2020 led by large deals in Brazil (Fintech Global)

Fintech investments in Latin America have experienced growth throughout 2020, despite Covid-19 pandemic, with companies in the region raising $2.8bn last year, a growth of 4.65% year-on-year compared to 2019.  Deals below $50m made up 23.3% of the funding recorded in 2020 with a growth of 50.23% compared to 2019. This further shows the resilience of the fintech ecosystem in Latin America as investors see ripe opportunities for disruption and didn’t shy away from earlier stage transactions. Brazilian companies raised seven of the top 10 fintech deals in Latin America in 2020. Read more

Q4’20 fintech deals…

The State Of Fintech Report: Investment & Sector Trends To Watch (CB Insights)

This paper gathers data-driven insights regarding global fintech investment trends in key financial verticals, partnership activity, top deals, and more. Q4’20 deals up 11%, reversing the space’s 4-quarter decline in activity. This paper highlights fintech trends such as “buy now, pay later” (BNPL) and insurtech product expansion, in addition to covering secular tailwinds and headwinds that will impact fintech companies in 2021. Read more

How Covid-19 is setting the scene for digital finance…

COVID-19: Making the case for robust digital financial infrastructure (McKinsey)

In this analysis piece, authors Olivia White, Anu Madgavkar, Tawanda Sibanda, Zac Townsend, and María Jesús Ramírez explore how the pandemic served as a high-stakes, real-life stress test for the financial infrastructure in many countries, bringing into sharp relief critical gaps and opportunities, as well as providing valuable lessons about how to improve efficiency and resilience for the future. In terms of main findings, programs designed by governments which leveraged strong financial infrastructure achieved higher program ambition and delivery success. Read more

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