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Owlin: Financial Market Outlook


The past year was challenging. It changed the way we live, work, and interact. When such dramatic shifts occur, financial markets are the first to react.

The roller-coaster market ride affected asset managers, pension funds, private equity firms, and banks.

On top of the volatility, organizations had to deal with continuous uncertainty and political stress, growing regulatory pressure, increasing competition, and widespread consolidation.

The million-dollar question now is:

Will 2021 be a bumpy ride or a fruitful soil for the financial industry?

While no one can predict what the next year holds, organizations must be prepared for either scenario.

The Owlin team curated a list with the top trends and challenges we believe will be shaping the industry throughout the next 12 months. To help financial institutions adapt and smooth their journey ahead, here are our actionable insights and solutions on how to capitalize on the opportunities and overcome the hurdles of 2021.

Read the full paper here. Find out more about Owlin here.

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