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Tangelo: Remote Annual Reporting During the COVID-19 Crisis

It’s no secret that COVID-19 has shaken the corporate landscape. Working remotely, colleagues crave a simple way to collaborate on annual reports while maximizing security—and minimizing stress.

But far too many teams are stuck in the past: sending sensitive information via unsecured emails, constantly churning out new report versions, printing pages for review, and scanning documents to request corrections. At any of these steps, corporate documents could fall into the wrong hands—and critical data could be compromised. Simply put, old-school measures aren’t secure. And they’re certainly not the future.

Security shouldn’t be a second thought Tangelo has long been the leading platform for investor relations and finance team collaborations: empowering global enterprises to safely create corporate reports in-house, on the cloud, and in record time. For us, security always comes first. That’s why Tangelo clients operate in a private cloud environment, with secure access provided via two-factor authentication. (No more sharing sensitive information over email.) Once on our platform, contributors enjoy protected access to the content they’re authorized to see—so confidential data is safely contained within your remote workforce.

Rather than sharing reports with outsiders for design and revisions, teams can directly edit content and create their own PDFs or microsites. To proactively prevent errors, they can even link figures to Excel spreadsheets with our automatic synchronization feature. Around the world, hundreds of teams are using Tangelo to reap tangible rewards: heightened security, increased time savings, seamless collaboration, reduced stress, and more. Here, we’ll share how our software allows colleagues to collaborate from anywhere in the world—while keeping risk out of their remote workforce.

Let’s get started.

Download full report & insights below. Find out more about Tangelo here.

Tangelo: Remote Annual Reporting During the COVID-19 Crisis
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