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DirectID: Adding value to bank data that creates market-leading insights

CEO & Founder at DirectID, James Varga, talk about how we interpret bank data to maximise value

DirectID – Our Story

DirectID uses bank data provided through Open Banking to address today’s business challenges. These include verifying income, affordability requirements, reducing fraud, and uses across the credit risk lifecycle from onboarding through to collections & recoveries.

Over the last decade, we’ve partnered with institutions that have gone on to disrupt the entire direction of their industries. Partnering with DirectID gives you more than just data – it provides you with the insights, expertise and continual support.

Download our Digital Bank Statements eBook, where we share our knowledge on how to efficiently digitise your onboarding processes. There’s never been a better time to go digital.

Read more about:

  • empowering customer’s financial wellbeing,
  • the digitisation of bank statement information,
  • how Open Banking is revolutionising financial services,
  • and our award-winning products.


Read the original article & download the eBook here. Find out more about DirectID here.

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