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An in-depth look into Technology Subsidies: Insights, Challenges and Opportunities

Subsidies schemes are designed not only to incentivize, protect and encourage businesses to be socially accountable, but also to maintain the jobs and incomes of as many people as possible and overall, to keep the economy running smoothly. However, the procedure is rather complicated and companies often find it daunting to start the application process.

To get insights in the most relevant subsidies for the fintech branch and get to know other companies that successfully received subsidies for their projects, on 6th May, Holland Fintech in collaboration with Ziegel Ziegelaar, Senior Relationship Manager at SubsidyCloud, organizes a 30-minute event, addressing the key questions and helping audiences understand how the process can be simplified and what companies need to know in terms of legality, requirements and eligibility

SubsidyCloud specializes in acquiring (public) funding, government grants and fiscal incentives for innovative (tech) companies. The company provides consultancy services throughout the Netherlands to a wide range of clients, ranging from startups to multinationals.

With a very ambitious team of consultants that achieve maximum return on government grants for our clients, SubsidyCloud strives to be the market for all European companies to find subsidies and be an easy-trusting platform where customers can rely on with their information. 

According to Ziegel, 80% of Dutch companies are eligible for subsidies but they are either unaware of that, or feel discouraged to apply due to complicated procedures and low success rate. Politics is one of the biggest factors that affect subsidies since it is moving all the time, leading to changes in legislation and causing hassles in the process. SubsidyCloud wants to send out the message that this obstacle can be solved and the process can be eased by the support from the SubsidyCloud team, where legal advisors, subsidies experts collaborate with each other to provide the best assistance to clients!


In case you missed this insightful event, check out the recording below!

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