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Weekly Analysis and Opinions Highlights – 31 May 2021

For this week, we have gathered the latest voices in the fintech industry for the topic of payments, digital identity, cryptos, AI and financial well-being. Dive into insightful analyses and have a good start of the week!

Micropayments Are A Macro Opportunity (Forbes)

David G.W.Birch, contributor at Forbes, emphasizes that we are heading to peak subscription and it’s time for new thinking. There have been a number of attempts to take a different approach by avoiding touching the payments infrastructure and monetising attention in aggregate. A tip jar-like approach is more likely to gain traction and a good micropayment system will provide the stimulus itself! Read more

How the Gemini credit card could change crypto and payments (

Ben Fox Rubin, writer at, underlines that the Gemini card is emblematic of the growing world of crypto, as digital currencies and blockchain tech edge heads closer to the mainstream. A crypto rewards card illustrates the expanding choices for customers today, as loyalty programs have shifted to meet changing tastes. Plus, providing crypto in a way that doesn’t change consumer habits can encourage more people to invest in digital currencies. Read more

Digital identity can help advance inclusive financial services (World Economic Forum)

Mohit Joshi, President at Infosys, highlights that to get through COVID-19 as best as possible and approach its aftermath triumphantly, business and government must put power in the hands of the populace. New digital processes will empower people to heal society from the pandemic. The debate on digital payments should focus on how best to facilitate real-time, cross-border transactions through increased automation. The creation of a digital stability board – a platform to share best practices and monitor risks in digital commerce and health care – will help advance digital regulation. Read more

Why are we still using analogue authentication in a digital world? (The Papers)

Ryan Gosling, Commercial Director at Callsign, dives into the impact of authentication in a digital world and expresses that there is immense pressure in the industry for businesses to get their digital houses in order, as it is closer to the implementation deadline for PSD2. It means that companies need to address the ‘softer’ aspects – making the necessary changes to customer journeys and communicating those changes to minimise the impact on those customers. Read more

Behind every racy fintech, a sensible German saver (

Tom Braithwaite, editor at, shares the opinion that fintechs that need cheap funding can tap German savers, who are happy with any rate greater than zero. Larger banks, struggling with regulations and ultra-low rates themselves, can shed excess deposits. But it does raise the question of whether life is a bit too easy for certain fintechs — and potentially too costly for deposit insurance schemes. Read more

Protecting Customers From Harm Is A Crucial Part Of Banks’ Financial Well-Being Strategy (Finextra)

Aurélie L’hostis, Senior Analyst at Forrester Research, explores the relationship between mental health and money problems and points out the need for banks and financial services companies to identify challenges and protect vulnerable customers. That means anticipating the needs of vulnerable customers by identifying vulnerability sooner, protecting them from harm, and making sure they consistently receive fair treatment. This is an opportunity for financial services firms to build trust and demonstrate purpose. Read more

Is AI Efficient in Any Industry Today? (Analytics Insight)

Writers at Analytics Insight takes a look at some companies/industries that are extremely dependent on AI and analyses the impact that AI has made on their development. Industries/companies listed in the article are Bitcoin Trading Sites, Tesla, The British NHS, online casinos. Read more

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