Analysis & Opinion Highlights - 30 August 2021

Analysis & Opinion Highlights – 30 August 2021

For this week, we are looking at the fintech industry, embedded finance, traditional banking, sales and real-time payments.  Enjoy the materials!

A Deep Dive into the World of Ethical Fintech (Fintech Times)

Nathan Gore, author at The Fintech Times, analyzes a rapid change that is happening in the Fintech industry at the moment. From the impact of Environment, Social and Corporate Governance (ESG), to the creation of fintech startups that are all about bringing about positive, ethical change, both consumers and service providers are making their way into a new, socially conscious future. Read more

Fintech for Good in Nigeria with EFInA (Fintech Times)

Ashley Immanuel, Chief Executive Officer at EFInA, shares her thoughts on using fintech for good in Nigeria. Over the past decade, Nigeria has fallen behind several other African countries in terms of financial inclusion. With support, the fintech sector can have a transformative impact on the Nigerian economy and the lives of all Nigerians. Read more

How Can Embedded Finance Transform The Fintech Industry In 2021? (Analytics Insight)

Disha Sinha, writer at Analytics Insight, elaborates on embedded finance. This is an emerging topic in the fintech industry to boost financial transactions in seamless ways in recent years. Embedded finance is set to transform the fintech industry by incorporating smart functionalities into traditional non-financial services. Read more

Forget Fintech — Traditional Banks Have (Finally) Figured It Out (Forbes)

Writers at Forbes, bring up highlights of Lightico’s Vice President thoughts on the traditional banking industry. By now, if your bank still views fintech companies and neobanks as a new breed of competition, you may have missed a pretty important memo — a few hundred million memos that is. Read more

Europe’s fintech M&A ‘boom’: What the data tells us (Sifted)

Isabel Woodford, writer at Sifted, shares the results of investigation on why 2021 is shaping up to be a blockbuster year for sales and listings, and who’s leading the exit party. The data paints a picture of impressive price tags and a maturing sector, building on top of a strong year of fundraising. The large number of exits is good news for investors and founders alike, with VCs looking to reinvest their returns back into the ecosystem. Read more

Credit offerings seen as the next big fintech thing (bnamericas)

Writers at Bnamericas, share a thought that after the rise in real-time payments, credit will be the new fintech growth driver. Cash usage in the region is 53% year-to-date, compared to 75% in 2020, but to compete with cash, fintechs and banks must add value to their payment offering. Read more

Explosion of Data Fuels Demand for Regtech Amidst Growing Regulatory Complexity (Fintech News SG)

Writers at Fintech News SG analyze the proliferation of data and an ever-so complex regulatory environment. It is driving the rise of regtech, forcing financial institutions to look for new ways and tools to comply, experts said during a panel discussion. Read more

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