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Ekata: Identify good customers and reduce friction this holiday season

Ekata: Identify good customers and reduce friction this holiday season

The start of the 2021 holiday season is just around the corner, and retailers are already busy refining their strategies to address the major shopping behaviour shifts and challenges that occurred in 2020.

Higher web traffic and order volumes delayed order processing, fulfillment and deliveries. And a dramatic rise in fraud occurred as criminal gangs became increasingly tech-savvy.

Download our latest eBook where we explore how retailers can address these challenges in 2021 with the right strategies, actions and technologies to make this year the most successful holiday season.

Download the e-book here.


About Ekata

Ekata provides global identity verification solutions via enterprise-grade APIs for automated decisioning, and Pro Insight, a SaaS solution for manual review. Ekata’s product suite is powered by the Ekata Identity Engine (EIE), the first and only cross-border identity verification engine of its kind. It uses complex machine learning algorithms across the five core consumer attributes of email, phone, name (person or business), physical address, and IP, to derive unique data links and features from billions of real-time transactions within the Ekata proprietary network and the data licensed from a broad spectrum of global providers. Businesses around the world including Alipay, Microsoft, and The Hut Group leverage our product suite to increase approvals of more good transactions, reduce customer friction at account opening, and find fraud.

  • Award-Winning Global Identity Verification Solutions
  • 120% Retention Across over 2,000 Customers
  • Cross-Border Verification Spanning 238 Countries & Territories
  • Industry-Leading Customer Support

Visit the company’s website here.

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