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Aurus Announces Huge Ecosystem Upgrade – Access Full Investor Financial Projections Read More

Aurus Announces Huge Ecosystem Upgrade – Access Full Investor Financial Projections

With the successful onboarding and integration of our new partner in Turkey, AgaBullion, we’re pleased to be further strengthening the ecosystem with several promising partnerships in the works.

Exclusive announcement: Most notably, the (soon to be announced) onboarding of one of the leading precious metals dealers in the Netherlands. The bullion dealer will tokenize an initial allotment of gold and begin offering Aurus tokens to their clientele via their website with exclusivity in the Benelux (Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg) region.

AurusGOLD Milestone: Precious metals investors are starting to see the benefit of tokenization, being able to monetize their positions in new ways. A new provider partner has tokenized 7.6kgs ($400k+) of gold, boosting AurusGOLD well over $1M Market Cap for the first time and significantly increasing liquidity on exchanges.

Over the last 6 months, the Aurus team has grown significantly, now a total of 20 members. Aside from expanding the partnership network, the team is steadily progressing towards a successful launch of Aurus V2 in Q4 2021: new website, new app, Aurus Vault Card, PoS Terminal, AWP exchange listing, new distributor and exchange partners, Polygon Layer 2 scaling solution (L2), and the activation of the ecosystem’s revenue-sharing mechanism.

Having recently partnered with Elrond, we’re working to deploy the first batch of Aurus tokens (ESDT) on the Elrond blockchain. A multi-chain approach with the ability to bridge between blockchain platforms provides access to a huge user-base and functionalities, in the case of Elrond, the highly anticipated (soon to launch) Maiar Exchange (DEX) and Maiar Wallet.

With our network of partners steadily growing and tech developments well underway, Aurus is on the right track to end the year off with a bang. As an AWX investor, what can you expect in the forthcoming months?

Below we answer some of the most frequently asked questions:

When will I start earning revenues?

The platform’s revenue-sharing mechanism is set to activate in October (Q4) 2021 – Once the L2 scaling solution has been deployed via the Polygon Network. AurusDeFi token holders will be eligible to start earning revenues by staking their tokens, initially, via the Aurus app (later via the Aurus web-wallet). The first revenue-share Cap Table calculation will be made at the end of Q4 2021, once the ecosystem has accumulated some revenues.

How will I be able to claim revenues?

You will be eligible to claim revenues once your AWX tokens have been staked (locked) for a minimum of 30 days (users can stake on Ethereum or Polygon network). Users can stake any amount of AWX. Once staked, tokens are locked indefinitely. Users can unstake their tokens, and the tokens will be released in a set period of time thereafter. Revenues will only be distributed to locked AWX tokens, not to all 30 million AWX tokens. You can begin staking (initially) via the Aurus App (ETA: Oct. 2021) and claim your revenues in AWG, AWS and AWP on request. Further details will be provided in due time.

How much revenue can I expect?

The revenue projections below are based on various assumptions over a 5 year period:

  1. Amount of Tokenised precious metals in Aurus ecosystem
  2. Transaction volume in Aurus ecosystem
  3. Price of precious metals


Projected Market Capitalization & Transaction Volume – Graph 1

Projected Annual Revenue per AWX Token – Graph 2

See AWX Investor prediction model here: AWX Financial Projection Summary

What are we doing to increase revenues?

  • The revenues generated for AurusDeFi holders increases as the ecosystem and the activity within it grows. Several strategies are in place to achieve this:
  • Increase metal-backed token market cap significantly via new HNWI crypto-to-metals brokerage service.
  • Expand network of bullion dealer partners with a plug-and-play solution for seamless integration and scaling of B2B partners.
  • Increasing adoption by reducing operational costs (e.g. high transaction fees) with L2 solution, making the model more scalable and appealing for partners and users.
  • Exchange listings: Tier-A & Local (e.g. Chile, Turkey) to increase accessibility and distribution of our tokens by leveraging the exchanges user-base and platform.
  • Improve liquidity on all exchange trading pairs to boost investor confidence and facilitate larger trades.
  • Focus on ‘on-chain’ transactional revenues via DeFi and token swaps. (New trading pairs, Liquidity Provision on DEXs, Provide collateral to earn yield, Lend & borrow).
  • Offering new products and services via our network of distributors to support token usability for thousands of their customers.

What can I expect as an AWX holder in 2022?

With all that is to unfold in the next 6 months, 2022 will be the year that sets Aurus aside from its competitors. The power of a collaborative partnership structure will show – B2B Industry partners already have existing networks for us to tap into, hence Aurus will grow much faster than centralized solutions. Upon the launch of Aurus V2, marketing efforts are set to increase massively in order to rapidly scale and put Aurus on the map. In combination with a new and improved tech-stack, as an AWX holder, you can expect to benefit from the growth ahead. The addition of at least 3 Tier A exchanges and 3 local to assist partners will quadruple AWX presence to investors.

Aurus V2 – The importance of community support

We’ve come a long way and are on the right track to making Aurus a success, together, but there is still a lot more work to do. As we prepare for Aurus V2, your involvement as an early investor is important to our shared success. You can benefit your own investment by simply sharing our story and updates with your network, let the world know you support us. Want us to list on your favourite exchange? Go to their Telegram and say that, it will help our cause and your future AWX value massively!

Engage your network and earn a 5% bonus on all referrals, for you and your friend! If you know someone that might be interested in joining Aurus as a stakeholder, now is the most opportune time to get involved. Invite your friends to buy AWX and earn a 5% bonus each!

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