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Zaion: How to enhance customer advisor productivity using a Callbot or a Chatbot

Callbot & customer relationship performance

Ensuring a human and high-quality customer experience is essential for any organization. The rise of digital technology means that customers now have new demands such as personalized offers, a tailor-made approach, and a multi-channel presence. They want a relationship that is as seamless as the one they have online, but with a more human touch!

With these expectations in mind, companies must constantly innovate and adapt to provide a quality experience to customers, whether they are happy, in a hurry, or angry.

So why is this a problem for companies? This need for personalization is very complicated to manage over the phone and requires significant investment if you want to accommodate the greatest number of people. Fortunately for companies, conversational assistants such as Callbot and Chatbot are increasingly essential solutions and can be used to achieve a high level of customer satisfaction while enhancing the productivity of customer advisors so that they are fully available to customers.

Customer service quality – a powerful tool to boost your image

All organizations must uphold an impeccable quality of service if they do not want their reputation to be damaged by unhappy customers. Improving customer service contributes directly to enhancing customer loyalty. It is even estimated that two thirds of customers who change brands or companies do so because of customer service dissatisfaction caused by:

  • An unpleasant representative
  • A delayed or inadequate response to an urgent problem

Quality service means being able to listen and often wait to understand the customers’ needs and frustrations. Most of these listening skills are naturally acquired by employees through experience. Some can also be developed further with the help of dedicated conversational agents.

By automating the low value-added tasks that have been previously managed by your customer service advisors, you have the opportunity to increase the quality of your service as well as the productivity of your teams. As a result, you can save time and let your advisors concentrate solely on high value-added requests.

Productivity is at the heart of customer service challenges

One of the most obvious benefits of this conversational AI-enhanced customer relationship strategy is that it cuts costs while managing more interactions with the same resources. By improving your productivity, you reduce your response time and get closer to your customers’ requirements. Ultimately, this has a positive impact on the customer satisfaction rate of your company.

To leverage all of your available resources, you need to centralize the management of your digital channels. This will allow your advisors to answer all interactions from a single interface and to have access to the conversation history that helps prevent the repetition of questions. To do this, look no further than the Botcenter® interface, which enables 360° management of customer interactions regardless of whether you are using the Callbot, Chatbot, or Messagingbot solution.

This approach improves both the customer’s experience, who receives quicker responses and doesn’t have to repeat themself, and the agent’s experience, who doesn’t have to switch between several applications. Adopting this strategy around productivity is all about aligning with customer expectations and preparing for the future. By moving away from channels, companies are building a model that works for any touchpoint and they are making sure that they are ready to innovate without being delayed by long implementation and training times.

The Callbot and the Chatbot – conversational agents that will enhance the productivity of your customer advisors

Optimizing the productivity of your customer advisors is made possible by the use of “bots”. These bots are automated conversation software, also known as conversational agents. By using artificial intelligence, they are able to interact with a human being through language. They can do this via voice or text channels.

Callbot is a common term for a conversational voice agent. Simply put, the Callbot is fully capable of answering when someone calls a customer service number. It greets the customer, identifies them, and understands their request. If the request is “automatable”, it manages it autonomously. If not, it transfers the call to a human customer advisor. The Callbot is ideally suited to manage large volumes of phone calls and to increase the availability of customer service.

When the conversational bot has written interaction on a screen with the customer, it is known as a Chatbot. It is able to understand and respond to customer requests, and the Chatbot can analyze the semantics used to provide the appropriate answers to the customer. Once again, this saves a lot of time for the customer advisors who do not have to manage all the customer requests directly.

In search of reassurance, customers expect companies to provide a customer service that is empathetic and available. Empathy and availability are paradoxically achieved through the use of computer bots that free up valuable time for customer service advisors.

Conversational agents are popular with consumers and allow customer service to become more efficient and productive. Would you like to know more about bot solutions? Contact Zaion for a personalized demo.

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