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This year’s edition of FTS Group’s that now celebrates it’s 5th birthday, was once again live with diverse sessions, in different formats to our entire network from October 6th to 8th.

From pre-recorded productions, to a live streaming remote session, side-meetings, a physical conference and multiple networking opportunities.

The first day of the festival was composed of two pre-recorded productions:

– The “Hall of Fame” plenary session, where industry giants – Chris Skinner, Jim Marous, Matthias Kroener, Tilman Ehrbeck, Brett King and Leda Glyptis shared the virtual stage with their stories of this first decade of the fintech revolution, and gave some predictions of what’s to come.

– The same day – powered by Accenture Italia, the “Accenture FinTech Forum” was back with a strong focus on sustainability (Erik Kruse & Carlo Piana), impact (Ameya Upadhyay and Filippo Montesi Altamirano), future business models with cloud (Sam Maule, Paola Papanicolaou and Roberto Dognini) and of course, financial inclusion (Andrea Isola, Doris Messina and Carlo Panella)

All merged together in a beautiful line-up launched by the keynotes of Massimiliano Colangelo and Kosta Peric and his “Pandemic, Poverty and Why You Should Drop Everything and Get Involved with Digital Public Goods” speech.

For the participants in Milan, we also had the opportunity to share a networking moment by dinner – promoted by the Block.IS iniciative.

On the second day of the festival “FinTech was all around us” – on a live streamed session promoted by Deloitte Italia. The “FinTech Talks” event, took the afternoon part of the day and started with an inspiring keynote by Christian Sarafidis and a stories of a true pioneer – Dan Marovitz. The session also had a deep focus on Embedded Finance (Irina Chuchkina and Matteo Concas) and Cloud Innovation (Alberto Dalmasso, Filipe Teixeira and Francesco Rinaudo).* (due to external technical problems, Stani Kulechov was not able to be present – but promise to send us all a ladder video with his participation on Decentralized Finance, and we can’t wait to see it!)

October 7th was also an opportunity for all Block.IS consortium members to meet in the Milan city to reconcile and boost the results of the project, all celebrated with an extraordinary dinner with several players in the European ecosystem, all with a deep interest in blockchain technology.


Read the full Press Release here.

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