Weekly Analysis and Opinion Highlights – 4th October 2021

And we’re kicking off the week with analyses from the most incredible experts in fintech on topics such as crypto, BNPL, digital transformation, insurance and more. Have a good read and enjoy the selected materials.

Digital transformation: the fintech fuel of tomorrow (The PayPers)
Anton Komukhin, Unlimint’s Head of Product Management, talk about the most impactful digital transformation financial trends to rise out of the COVID-19 pandemic. The pandemic has without a doubt affected each and every aspect of our everyday lives, and media headlines have been dominated by it for almost two years now. I do not wish to dwell on this tragic subject for long, but we cannot deny the obvious – COVID-19 has forced us all to learn how to adapt to the new reality of things at lightning speed.  Read more.

Solving the insurtech puzzle (The Insurer)
Marc Piccione, partner, managing director – NY, Acrisure Re elaborates on the fact that there are vast, unique and valuable ideas circling the market which are digitally transforming the industry and bringing the (re)insurance sector into the future. However, they must be captured and executed in a strategic and careful way to ensure they meet the end goal of why they are needed, which is to create efficiencies and increase profitability for (re)insurers along with enhancing customer satisfaction. Read more.

Insurtech in 2021: A journey of reinvention (Property Casualty)
Steve Murphy, expert at Property Casualty highlights the fact that insurance executives rated above the global average on their prioritization of technology democratization, with almost all (91%) stating that technology democratization is becoming critical to their ability to ignite innovation across their organization. The pandemic has had a dramatic impact on the insurance industry, with 99% of insurance executives reporting that it created an unprecedented stress test for their organizations, according to Accenture research. Read more.

This is why China finally halted its bitcoin boom (Wired)
GIAN M. VOLPICELLI, elaborates on the crypto currency ban in China. Every time Beijing announces a crackdown on their industry, the running joke among the crypterati is that China has already banned cryptocurrency 18 times. Chinese government agencies have issued a string of increasingly restrictive but never conclusive legal prohibitions of various aspects of crypto since 2013; all the while, China’s crypto industry has thrived. Turns out the nineteenth time might be the charm. Read more.

B2B BNPL: how data can drive more financial flexibility (Fintech Futures)
Paul Christensen, CEO, Previse analyzes the recent global boom in buy now, pay later (BNPL) offerings that now begs the question as to why that’s suddenly happened. Offering buyers credit as part of a purchase has been around since antiquity, so what has changed? Since around 2000 BC, before the advent of physical money, merchants in the ancient middle east gave grain loans to farmers. Read more.

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