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Funding Options and SubsidyCloud partner to offer innovative businesses better access to business finance

  • SMEs that focus on sustainability and innovation contribute to social and economic development.
  • Innovation often comes with high development costs, meanwhile, the business only starts generating revenue at a later stage.
  • A strategic partnership between Funding Options and SubsidyCloud offers businesses access to the full financing mix.
  • With a one stop shop for business finance, Funding Options and SubsidyCloud provide SMEs with better insight into their options.
  • Funding Options and SubsidyCloud have integrated their respective platforms for a seamless customer experience.
  • Both businesses use a data-driven approach, high-end technology, and a dedicated team of experts to ensure tailor-made solutions.

1 November 2021 – Funding Options, the marketplace for SME finance, and SubsidyCloud, a subsidy management platform, are announcing a strategic partnership to help Dutch businesses get access to business finance and continuous insight into their funding options.

 Funding Options and SubsidyCloud are both keen on improving access to financing for SMEs. By combining their knowledge, resources and manpower, the partners offer their customers access to the full financing mix, with continuous insight into their potential funding options.

Bastiaan Kleiberg, CEO and co-founder at SubsidyCloud: “Businesses that focus on sustainability and innovation contribute to social and economic development. However, these processes are time consuming and expensive. We see that many businesses have to manage high development costs, and only start generating revenue at a later stage. For certain projects and development phases we can match our clients to subsidies that perfectly fit their needs. But public financing can only get a business so far. At some point, we need to advise our customers to start exploring the opportunities in business finance.”

Simon Cureton, CEO at Funding Options adds: “We see a lot of businesses coming to us that are not (yet) eligible for business financing. Oftentimes, those businesses work on new, innovative, and socially relevant projects that require funding. Public financing offers businesses access to non-dilutive funding, capital that does not need to be repaid, and can be used to take those first steps. This collaboration ensures that we can offer the widest possible service to customers on both ends, and allows for tailor-made solutions in every application. Subsidy really is an underestimated part of the financing mix, and with this partnership we are fulfilling a large latent need.”

“With the integration of our platforms, our end customers remain fully in control, with continuous insight in all running applications” says Kleiberg. “A data-driven approach and high-end technology support this process.”

Cureton: “This is fully in line with our mission, which is to take away as many barriers in SME finance applications as possible. This partnership really supports a seamless experience for our users. A one stop shop for the full range of business finance.”

About Funding Options

Funding Options is the data-driven marketplace for business finance. With a panel of 25 connected lenders, the platform matches businesses with financing solutions that fit their needs. Funding Options’ mission is to take away traditional barriers in financing applications.

The platform uses high-end technology to provide businesses with their options within a couple of seconds. With a dedicated team of business finance professionals, Funding Options offers businesses speed, convenience, and a high chance of success in every application.

About SubsidyCloud

SubsidyCloud is the number one platform for subsidy management in Europe. It offers innovative businesses a fully integrated ecosystem for subsidy applications, management, and monitoring. By combining a data driven approach, high end technology, and a team of 55+ connected subsidy experts, SubsidyCloud can guarantee the highest possible success rate in subsidy applications.

SubsidyCloud offers businesses concrete solutions in a complex and fragmented market. Its mission is to connect every subsidy seeker to their ideal solution. The platform has ambitions to expand to at least five new European markets in the coming years.


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