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Seven Banking Leaders on Fintechs, Challenges and the Future of SME Banking

Find out about the major challenges and emerging initiatives in SME banking  in this Vox Pop report featuring banking executives and experts: 

  • The main challenges that SME bankers are facing today
  • The strategic role of digitization in unlocking the full opportunities of the SME market
  • Executive views on of SME banking – based on interviews with business leaders from Banca Transilvania, FintechOS, First Bank, Lidya, Raiffeisen Bank and more
  • How incumbent banks are re-imagining SME banking
  • How banks are responding to the fintech challenge

Small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs) represent over 50% of worldwide employment and contribute to over 40% of national GDP in emerging economies. Furthermore, SMEs generate an estimated $850 billion globally in revenue for banks every year.  Yet despite the significant opportunity they present to financial institutions, SMEs often struggle to get the finance they need to grow (and sometimes to survive). It’s a decades-old concern.  

But what do banks think about SMEs? Are they a relevant source of business and growth for banks? What are the main challenges that banking leaders face? What key initiatives and what benefits are they looking at? Is there a silver bullet that will make it easier to go digital and keep up with new entrants? We decided to find out.  

We explored this topic by interviewing SME bankers and experts in our community. We invite you to read this Vox Pop report and discover all the insights.
Read the full report here.
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