Weekly Analysis and Opinion Highlights – 15 November 2021

And we’re kicking off the week with new details on fintech, cybersecurity, open banking, crypto, SME’s, cloud and more. Dive into the latest fintech insights and have a great start of the week!

Roblox Is Actually Creating the Metaverse 
Michael Spencer, Editor in Chief at The Last Futurist, speaks on how progress and evolution typically occurs in technology. Let’s try to understand then how the Metaverse has actually been building for a number of years outsides Mark Zuckerberg’s limited vision and definition. Beyond the advertising fueled AI that monopolies are trying to harvest to have even wider moats on their digital empires. Those experiments of behavior modification and sentiment manipulation at scale, that some of us grew up with. Read more.

A revolution in the making: how digital transformation is changing P2P payments (Fintech Futures)
Massimiliano Alvisini, general manager and senior vice president for Europe, CIS and Africa, Western Union, analyzes a fact that pandemic catalysed a rapid digital drive that in the space of less than two years has accelerated developments at almost breakneck speed – and is shaping up customer experience in new ways like never before. In the new landscape where banks, established payment companies, and dozens of new providers such as new fintechs, neobanks, mobile wallet providers, and other innovative players are coming into the fray, where are the opportunities and where will the market find its equilibrium point between innovation, trust, and reliability? And how can banks stay relevant against the new kids on the block? Read more.

Open banking’s failure (Fintech Futures)
Dharmesh Mistry, CEO, AskHomey, highlights on Starling’s CEO Anne Boden statement, that open banking “has not been a success”. Open banking has not been good for big banks, and she is of course right. Supporting open banking has cost these banks a lot of money and has opened up a lot of competition that primarily have sought to give customers better banking engagement and innovation. Read more.

Will the Holiday Season Bring Gifts or a Lump of Coal for Bitcoin Investors? (Coindesk)
Lawrence Lewitinn, Managing Editor for Markets at Coindesk, looks at what cryptocurrency markets can expect in the next few weeks, of this year. We’re approaching Christmas and many expect the art of window dressing to take hold. The lengths portfolio managers are said to go to make it look like they made all the right bets in 2021. Read more.

Can super apps save the day for SMEs and their banks? (Fintech Futures)
Paula Costea, VP Product Management, Business Solutions and Innovation, FintechOS, elaborates on the fact that small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) have been hit hard by the pandemic, with access to funding becoming increasingly difficult and creating uncertainty for owners. The nature of SMEs often means a minimal credit history, which leaves bankers with an uphill battle to determine who is worthy of a loan. And this is resulting in delayed decision times and too many declines. Read more.

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