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Daybreak is coming: How to sign up for testnet

On February 1, 2022, Dusk Network will launch its public testnet. The Daybreak launch signifies the public release of Dusk Network’s blockchain protocol.

On Daybreak, we will launch testnet with the first cluster of nodes. From this moment the blockchain will be live. You can join as a provisioner (a node), or use the block explorer to learn about the network. The block explorer features statistics about average block time, the total transactions made, the number of active provisioners, and in-depth information on transactions.

However, unlike other public blockchains with smart contracts, Dusk Network is privacy-preserving. This means that the user’s identity and- and transactional privacy are preserved, limiting the amount of revealing data visible via the Block Explorer. For example, only the parties directly involved in a transaction have the ability to see relevant transactional data. In turn, they can also obtain a viewkey of their data and use it to decrypt their transactions. For onlookers, and so also for the Block Explorer, the token amounts transferred and the transaction inputs remain a secret.

Become a Provisioner!

After launching Daybreak, the team will start inviting members to join as provisioners, and grow and decentralize the network. It is our aim to be smart about growing the network, and start by onboarding experts first, and first-timers last. Once the first group of experts have paved the way, we’ll continue to onboard enthusiasts based on their profile and sign-up dates.


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