Weekly Analysis and Opinion Highlights – 16 May 2022

And we’re kicking off the week with new details on crypto, money transfer, fintech funding, payment process, debt crisis and more. Dive into the latest fintech insights and have a great start of the week!

Terra Luna stablecoin collapse explained: Is this the 2008 financial crash moment of cryptocurrency? (Euronews)
So-called stablecoins are sending shockwaves through the cryptocurrency markets, wiping billions off their value, causing liquid cryptos such as Bitcoin to crash and people to lose their savings. The two main stablecoins from the crypto project Terra have gone into free fall with some calling the incident a Ponzi scheme akin to collapse of Lehman Brothers which precipitated the 2008 financial crisis. Stablecoins claim to be a relatively safe haven in the highly volatile crypto market. They are meant to be tied to a fiat currency and usually maintain a 1-to-1 peg with the US dollar. But recent events have proven that they are just as volatile as other cryptocurrencies. Read more.

Fintech For All (Forbes)
You could imagine that tech should and could provide solutions for people with disabilities. Well, of course, that can only happen if people with disabilities are part of designing the process from the outset. I wonder if their lack of involvement is the reason for the failure of many Fintech solutions? Since being launched and playing a part in the mainstream, financial technology has been met with criticism. These complaints have been due to inaccessibility and discrimination. Read more.

Building financial empowerment in Pakistan through fintech (Consultancy Asia)
In less than a decade, financial technology has permanently transformed the financial services sector. Challenging the monopoly once held by large banks, fintech startups now have the potential to become established brands. Mahmood Shamsher Ali, Alif Bank’s country representative in Pakistan, outlines why Pakistan is prime for a fintech revolution. Last year, investors pumped more than $200 billion into start-ups en scale-ups active in the world of financial technology, almost $90 billion more than the year previous While this is a positive development for the sector, we should not let this overlook the role of fintech in digitally empowering populations who have not yet had access to new generations of banking technologies. Pakistan offers exciting opportunities in this regard. Read more.

Making every company a fintech company – Interview with Tern (The PayPers)
The PayPers caught up with CEO Brion Bonkowski to learn more about Tern, the benefits of Banking-as-a-Service, and what the future of this industry will look like. Tern has a lofty goal of making every company a fintech company. Understanding the financial services industry as a whole is being displaced by fintech, companies around the world need easily deployable compliant services to embed. Tern helps these companies by lowering the barriers to entry to launch card products, bank accounts, and onboard customers. By allowing our customers to progress through a variety of deployment options including low code, no code, and traditional API, Tern can support early stage startups, unicorns , or traditional brick and mortar companies. Tern helps customers launch fintech programs cost-effectively, with the easiest to deploy technology stack. Read more.

BNPL in 2022: 4 fintech investors discuss regulation, trends and how to stand out (Techcrunch)
This financing model has primarily been available to customers shopping online, but customers outside the U.S. have already dipped their toes into similar alternatives at brick-and-mortar stores. We’re likely to see BNPL offerings become more prevalent at points of sale for a manner of different purchases through 2022. Investors in the space already see BNPL leaving the bounds of retail and entering sectors such as healthcare. “BNPL will become a more popular POS option in 2022, not only across brick-and-mortar stores, but also in sectors like healthcare, where installment payments already exist but have not yet crossed the chasm to digital,” said Frances Schwiep, partner at Two Sigma Ventures. Read more.

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