Weekly Research Highlights - 28 September 2021

Weekly Research Highlights – 19 July 2022

For this week’s research article, we dive into new insights on crypto, fintech regulations, embedded finance and more. Happy reading!

Are Blockchains Decentralized? Unintended Centralities in Distributed Ledgers (Tails of Bits)
Cryptocurrencies and public blockchains, including Bitcoin and Ethereum, are not quite delivering on their promises and are seeing a concentration of power in the hands of a few players. Over the past year, Trail of Bits examined the fundamental properties of blockchains and the associated cybersecurity risks. Research aimed to understand security assumptions and determine to what degree blockchains are actually decentralized. For key findings and a research report read more

The early bird catches the worm: The role of regulatory uncertainty in early adoption of blockchain’s cryptocurrency by fintech ventures
The latest University of Groningen research article published by the Journal of Small Business Management investigates whether regulatory uncertainty enabled or inhibited 108 fintech ventures in adopting blockchain’s core application, cryptocurrency, at a time when governments were still considering potential regulation. The findings indicate that regulatory uncertainty has a positive effect on new technology-based firms’ (NTBFs)  adoption of technology. For more key findings and a full research article read more

The Creation Of Ecosystems as a Mean for Business Model Adaptation. How Banks Chose to Respond to The Rise of Fintech Startups (Journal of Business Models)
Institut Polytechnique de Paris researchers publish a paper which provides a first integration of the process of business model adaptation in the context of coopetitive settings involving small and young firms. The paper uncovers four roles played by FinTech startups in the ecosystem created by the incumbent bank: the role of a supplier, client, complementor, and coopetitor. With respect to FinTech companies positioned as coopetitors, early findings show the impact of such settings on the value delivery dimension. Read more

Research on the Influence of Fintech Development on the Operating Benefit of Banks (JRACR)
This paper first theoretically analyzes the influence of the development of Fintech on the operating benefit of banks from the perspective of competition and diminishing marginal benefit.  The results show that there is a significant robust and dependable relationship between the development of Fintech and the operating benefit of banks. To find out about relevant feasible suggestions for the development of Fintech in banks, in order to help digital transformation – read more.

The Flywheel Effect: How Embedded Finance Can Help Brands Generate Millions In Revenue And Increase Customer Loyalty (PRNewswire)
The embedded finance platform Bond Financial Technologies Inc. together with a consulting firm Cornerstone Advisors published study that examines what consumers want from embedded finance. A study of 2,555 adult Americans shows strong demand for financial products offered by non-financial companies, especially among brand loyalists and frequent users of those products. For more key findings and full report read more

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