Weekly Analysis And Opinion Highlights – 1 August 2022

And we’re kicking off the week with new analysis and opinion on fintech regulations, crypto, e-comerce and more. Dive into the latest fintech insights and have a great start of the week!

Arca’s David Nage on how regulatory scrutiny is impacting venture investment in web3 (TechCrunch)
The regulatory environment surrounding crypto is shifting stateside as the SEC takes aim at major players in the web3 world, promising to shake up business as usual with aggressive action. While the regulatory agencies are pushing for investigations, plenty of venture investors are just hoping that they can provide more guidelines and pathways for startup players to operate within legal boundaries while embracing opportunities native to crypto. Read more


Baltic Region Embraces Online Banking and Payments as Cross Border Shopping Demands Increase (FinTech Times)
The pandemic-induced shift from in-store to online shopping has opened a new age in e-commerce and the Baltic region is no exception: according to Statista, e-commerce revenues in the upcoming year are expected to grow 13.66 per cent in Estonia, 14.80 per cent in Latvia, and 18.45 per cent in Lithuania. The growth in the popularity of e-commerce in the region has fueled the creation of new local payment methods to meet the needs of local consumers, who are keen on cross-border shopping. Read more


The role of public-private partnerships in fighting financial crime (FinTech Global)
Money laundering, terrorism and financial crime are all growing threats globally that are impacting financial institutions. Recently it was highlighted that to successfully combat these risks, coordinated and collaborative efforts through arrangements known as public-private partnerships (PPPs) are vital. As mentioned in the article, public-private partnerships enable organisations to better understand what the private sector experiences and subsequently inform policy and the enactment of laws. Read more


UK Consumers Need Better Education on BNPL and Crypto Payments (FinTech Times)
Buy now, pay later (BNPL) as a payment method has surged in popularity but one in four UK consumers need further education on BNPL schemes, research has revealed. In its study with Censuswide, more than half of business leaders (54 per cent) still feel they are facing various challenges in supporting the online financial literacy of its consumers and partners. Only 27 per cent of businesses surveyed felt their efforts to educate consumers about financial tools offered was successful and 26 per cent expressed it was difficult executing policies to help with financial literacy. Read more


To build financial resilience, we need to promote savings (World Economic Forum)
In a given year, more than half of US households will experience an event that creates a significant expense above and beyond their normal household budget. These events, whether an illness, accident or damage to their property, can create significant hardship for people who lack resilience, that is, the ability to cope with a financial emergency such as a sudden loss of income or an unexpected expense. Resilience is one aspect of financial inclusion, in addition to financial access and financial product use, that creates benefits. Read more

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