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Lending unlocked: A new era of credit

The world of lending is changing, due to open banking bringing about better ways for lenders to run affordability assessments and judge creditworthiness more effectively, while also making it easier for borrowers to apply. Especially in the midst of a cost-of-living crisis, streamlining the application and decisioning process is more important than ever. Lenders need to be sure that they can lend, and borrowers need to be sure that they’re evaluated accurately.


Tink’s latest report ‘Lending unlocked: A new era of credit’ takes a deep dive into how open banking is helping to revolutionise the lending landscape, helping find ways of accuratelyquickly and efficiently analysing the creditworthiness of applicants. The report covers how open banking can help remove the friction from all these criteria.


We also look into how the current macroeconomic climate is set to affect the world of lenders and borrowers over the next few years. The report features key interviews, giving testimony to the power of open banking from the likes of SBAB, Prestalo and Rabobank.

Some of the other issues covered include:

  • Credit bureau blind spots
  • Rising concerns with interest-free credit
  • Adding inclusivity into the lending landscape


While the adoption of open banking within the lending world is just getting started, there’s clear evidence that the partnership is set to grow and transform lending for lenders and borrowers.

Download the full report to find out exactly how.

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