Research on the Dutch FinTech sector

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Commissioned byย Ministerie van Financiรซnย (Dutch Ministry of Finance),ย EYย will again conduct independent research on the Dutch FinTech sector, taking into account many developments affecting the sector since 2019.
Are you the owner or board member of a Dutchย 
? Your opinions and insights are of great value to include in our research!

The aim of the study is to monitor the Dutch FinTech position by retrieving of factual and (statistical) information about factors important for development from FinTechs. Based on this, it can be reflected on and complemented (if necessary) on the prepared action plan.

Three research questions are central:
1. What is the nature and scope of the FinTech sector in the Netherlands?
2. Which factors, including factors on the area of financial regulation, deem FinTech promotes or hinders entry and/or development of innovative products and services in the Netherlands?
3. How does the Netherlands perform in terms of FinTech compared to other countries?

Please support the research by filling in the survey for your FinTech company via this link.

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