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2022: a record year for Payhawk


In May 2022, Payhawk opened its doors in the Benelux. In a short time, a lot has happened and we are happy to share an overview of it here. 

May 2022 was the day. Payhawk Benelux was a fact. With an office on Weesperstraat in the heart of Amsterdam, the activities taking place in the Benelux are managed by a young, dynamic and vibrant team. That team has grown tremendously and is still growing. Since the opening of our Amsterdam office, our workforce has grown by over 160%. The Benelux is an important region for Payhawk, because also here the automation of financial processes will play a more important role. 

Exact Online 

Not long after opening the Amsterdam office, the integration with Exact Online was introduced. This integration enables seamless and real-time communication between Payhawk and Exact Online. This saves a lot of time and eliminates errors. 

The communication between Payhawk and Exact Online works really well, we did a trial and within minutes the payment was made and the booking was visible in Exact Online in the right place, at the right time. It makes me really happy that an automated system actually works by itself.” – Leon Steenbrink, CFO Mercell Netherlands

With many companies in the Benelux using Exact Online, we have seen in 2022 that this valuable collaboration has paid off. 

Next, we had the launch of our Solution Partner Program, which gives Payhawk customers access to a network of service partners who specialize in integrating and customizing ERP and HCM systems, accounting systems and other business tools. Partners receive exclusive access to Payhawk’s Partner API, sales and technical resources, and lead sharing incentives.

Harvard Business Review

We also published the report “Building a finance function that drives business strategy and growth,” which we wrote in collaboration with Harvard Business Review Analytic Services. The report, for which over 200 executives were surveyed, found that while 64% of them believe finance departments should analyze financial data to make recommendations for business strategy, 67% say finance teams focus primarily on receipts and expenses. So automating financial tasks, here, can provide more control. 

What else?

In the meantime, we also did a rebranding in 2022, opened a New York office, participated in several events, launched valuable integrations such as NetSuite and Travelperk, and launched one great feature after another. For example, travel reimbursement, which allows finance teams to easily manage mileage, per diems and other expenses from a single place. 


In 2023, there is a lot on the horizon for Payhawk as well. A new partnership will be introduced as early as the first quarter of 2023, and with the opening of the New York office in September of last year, major strides will also be made in the United States. 

Would you like a sneak preview of the possibilities Payhawk could mean for your business in 2023? Book a demo with one of our experts soon and get inspired. 


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