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INTERVIEWER: Hello Anastasija, so lovely that you’ve agreed to do this. Let’s start by opening up on what your payment solution brand, Noda, is about.

ANASTASIJA: Hi, thank you for having me. Well, as we say – “Noda is YOU”. We try to be HUMAN before being a payment service provider. Designed by humans FOR humans —— I won’t be exaggerating if I say that we provide one of the best user experiences currently available on the market.

If you look closely at Noda’s new add-ons, you’ll notice that they’re full of warmth, and truly designed to cover all client needs in the most convenient and time-saving way. No one likes to spend ages trying to pay for goods or services online. Paying in itself is not the most pleasant of experiences. Let’s make it, at least, less time-consuming. In the end, “time is money”, so consider the saved time your “cash-back” 🙂

We’d like our consumers to spend time with their friends and family, enjoying the precious moments in life, rather than, for example, spending ages planning how to transfer money for the hotel or rented car, or to settle expenses between friends in order to pay for a trip.

INTERVIEWER: I have to say – sounds very ambitious. Could you please tell me a bit about what makes Noda stand out from the rest?

ANASTASIJA: We believe that it is important to be open, transparent, and respectful with any customer regarding his/her payments, that is why we have no hidden fees or any other form of getting a piece of your pie – the % from the transaction is the only fee we take. Also, we are more than open to inventing a completely new solution that would serve even the most complex needs of our clients. Those are our guiding lights. We encourage everyone to feel free to try our HUB to make sure of how convenient and user-friendly Noda services are.

INTERVIEWER: How do you convince Merchants, that are already using the services of another payment solution provider, to switch to Noda?

ANASTASIJA: Well in such cases Noda is already in a fortunate position, because usually when we meet a Merchant that is accepting its payments through another PSP, they already know at least something about the payment industry and possible solutions. So there’s an element of trust already built into the meeting  From there it is only to inform the potential client about the clear advantages of Noda, and the job is done.

INTERVIEWER: I’ve heard that you have some clients that were quite conservative at first – being sure that they need only the most basic, checked-by-time features, without digging deeper into more innovative solutions. Noda, on the other hand, has a tech-advanced image. Is it a challenge to work with such companies that have different values than you?

ANASTASIJA: At times. But still, we want to keep an open mind… We start gently with onboarding the company at their own pace, and then, step by step, we introduce them to the, let’s call it “ a spectrum of possibilities to improve their service”. This approach usually brings the best outcomes both for us and the client.


Find out more and read the full interview by Noda here.

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