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Weekly Analysis And Opinion Highlights – 27 March 2023

And we’re kicking off the week with new analysis and opinions on fintech with SVB news, ESG, crypto, and more. Dive into the latest fintech insights and have a great start of the week!

How finance & treasury are driving sustainable business transformation (Euro Finance
The role of treasurers within many corporations has evolved. Historically, treasurers have only focused on financial flows and been responsible for managing liquidity, cash, supply chain and related issues such as interest rates and FX. However, as corporate models have changed, treasurers have steadily become more connected to core business activity such as sales or procurement. Consider the American-Irish multinational power management company, Eaton Corporation, which responded to the energy transition from fossil fuels to renewables by implementing solutions that transform the electrical power value chain (energy storage and UPS), investing in electrical vehicle markets (EV charging infrastructure) and employing digital technologies for power management. These strategic focus areas are an important part of the company’s response to corporate social responsibility.  Read more

Lemonade Crypto Climate Coalition protects over 7,000 Kenyan farmers (Global Fintech)
The Lemonade Crypto Climate Coalition, a blockchain based parametric crop protection for subsistence farmers, has completed its initial launch. The Lemonade Foundation, the nonprofit founded by Lemonade, announced its plans to offer climate insurance to protect subsistence farmers via its Crypto Climate Coalition last year. The Lemonade Crypto Climate Coalition provided protection for farmers’ livelihoods impacted by weather events during the recent growing season in Kenya. At the end of the season, those eligible were paid out instantly via smart blockchain contracts. According to Lemonade, the use of smart contracts enabled fast cash transfers without the need for filing claims, or for human adjusters, lowering costs, and avoiding the often months-long timeline associated with the process. Read more

UK government unveils first AI whitepaper (Business Cloud)
The UK government has unveiled its first artificial intelligence whitepaper. Intended to guide the use of AI, the document will look to drive responsible innovation and maintain public trust in the technology. Amid the popularity of Open AI’s ChatGPT tool – capable of writing impressive copy and code in response to simple commands – more and more businesses are looking to harness the power of automation. However the increasing adoption has led to concerns over whether AI trained upon a narrow cross-section of society could lead to inherent biases – for example in the assessment of the worthiness of loan or mortgage applications – as well as the future risks it could pose to people’s privacy, human rights and safety. The whitepaper, published today, sets out a new approach to regulating AI and follows the creation of an expert taskforce to build the UK’s capabilities in foundation models, including large language models like ChatGPT, and £2 million funding for sandbox trial to help businesses test AI rules before getting to market. Read more

Digital transformations: the most efficient path is not doing everything, everywhere, all at once (Fintech Futures)
Executing multiple streams of work at the same time will be much faster than performing activities in a sequential fashion. The idea is totally logical. It makes perfect sense, doesn’t it? We’ve all been there. There’s a huge programme of work that needs to be completed in a ridiculously short period of time. Whether this is a digital transformation, a programme to deliver on a significant piece of regulation, a change activity to improve the business/generate more revenue or any other large change programme, the solution that is presented is always the same. To achieve the organisation’s goals within the ever-shortening time constraints, we will need to run multiple, concurrent, interrelated streams of work, or put another way: we’ll need to do everything, everywhere, all at once. Read more

Why compliance teams need to bring automation across deal flow (Regtech Analyst)
Regulatory compliance tech vendor eflow Global is working with Portfolio Bi, a developer of investment management software and services, to help managers meet regulator and investor requirements. By working together, they offer automated end-to-end deal and compliance solutions to help bolster efficiency within trading compliance and regulatory oversight. Regulatory pressures in the financial market are continuing to increase. As regulators get tougher with non-compliance and markets retain their volatility, managers are looking to adopt new ways of managing data, front and back-office workflows and compliance and consumer protection. To cope with these pressures, firms are turning to technology. Read more

Fintech data wars risk harming small businesses (Fintech Magazine)
As financial service and technology providers battle it out for market dominance, SMB customers will lose out, writes Codat CEO and Co-Founder Peter Lord Most fintechs serving small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) started life by doing one thing well, catering to an underserved market that big banks and incumbents were failing. But to scale and achieve profitability, they’re increasingly finding the need to build on their core product and expand their offerings. The result is a generation of fintechs broadening their feature sets and a market-wide convergence towards the idea of becoming a ‘one-stop-shop’ central financial operating system for SMBs. This trend will intensify in 2023 as economic pressure intensifies. However, as financial service and technology providers battle it out for market dominance, their SMB customers are ultimately (and counter-productively) the ones that will feel the pain. Read more

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