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EPI Company announces iDEAL and Payconiq acquisition

EPI, a leading global provider of payment technology and services, has recently announced two new acquisitions and the entry of new shareholders. The first acquisition is Ayden’s Payment Service Provider (PSP) business in Asia-Pacific and Africa. This acquisition will boost EPI’s presence in these regions and expand its offerings to its clients. Ayden is a well-known payment technology company that offers innovative payment solutions to merchants, marketplaces, and platforms. With this acquisition, EPI aims to strengthen its position in the payment technology market and deliver value to its clients.

The second acquisition is a controlling interest in Africa Merchant Capital (AMC), a bank and merchant acquirer that operates in Africa. EPI’s acquisition of AMC will enable it to expand its presence in Africa and offer its clients a wider range of payment solutions. This acquisition is in line with EPI’s strategy to become a leading global player in the payments industry.

In addition to these acquisitions, EPI has also announced the entry of new shareholders, including Mastercard and Visa. These new shareholders will provide additional capital and industry expertise, which will help EPI achieve its growth plans. EPI aims to leverage the expertise of these new shareholders to develop new payment solutions and expand its presence in new geographies.

EPI’s CEO, Martha Mghendi-Fisher, said that the company is committed to delivering innovative payment solutions to its clients and becoming a leading global player in the payments industry. She added that the acquisitions and new shareholders will help the company achieve its goals and deliver value to its clients.

In conclusion, EPI’s recent acquisitions and new shareholders reflect the company’s commitment to expanding its presence in new geographies, delivering innovative payment solutions to its clients, and becoming a leading global player in the payments industry. With the support of its new shareholders and the expertise of its talented team, EPI is well-positioned to achieve its growth plans and deliver value to its clients.


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