Weekly Analysis And Opinion Highlights – 22 May 2023

And we’re kicking off the week with new analysis and opinions on fintech with banking, Artificial Intelligence, ESG, crypto, and more. Dive into the latest fintech insights and have a great start to the week!

Navigating market abuse enforcements: current focus and future implications (Regtech Analyst)
Market abuse is a broad term describing numerous illicit practices in the financial sector. Such practices distort the fairness of markets, erode investor confidence and, ultimately, hamper the wider economy. Market abuse generally falls into two categories: insider trading and market manipulation. Insider trading involves the use of undisclosed, significant information to make investment decisions, providing the user an unfair advantage over other market participants. Market manipulation, conversely, includes a variety of strategies intended to artificially affect the price or trading volume of a security. Tactics include naked short selling, spoofing, ramping, and pump & dump schemes. Read more

We’re close to peak pessimism around fintech (Teach Crunch)
PayPal’s shares are off around 11% this morning despite the company reporting better-than-expected revenue and profit in the first quarter. The company also raised its forecast for the year, though that was apparently not enough to sate investors. But frankly, it isn’t shocking to see another well-known fintech company losing value in today’s market. Indeed, fintechs haven’t fared well at all even when you account for the broader dip in valuations at tech companies. It almost feels unfair. Comparing data from F Prime’s fintech index with valuation marks for SaaS and cloud companies in terms of historical revenue multiples, it appears that fintech companies are being clobbered a little too much. Read more

How digital payments are changing the world (Fintech Futures
Ex-JP Morgan Chase head of innovation in corporate development and payments, Jeremy Balkin, has spoken extensively about payments “eating the world”. Having attended HPS’s WeMeeting 2023 last week, I saw first-hand just what he was talking about.According to Balkin, “In 2010, the fastest way to move money on the same day from New York to London was to catch a flight from JFK to Heathrow and deliver it yourself. Now, you can initiate a secure, real-time payment that’s sent and received into your account in seconds at virtually no cost and in any currency.” (He also delivered the same speech at FinovateFall last year.) Read more

Regtech Experts Break Down The Impact of Latest Standards and Developments (The Fintech Times
The regtech space is in for a major shake-up, with the FCA‘s new Consumer Duty regulations coming into effect in two months. This presents an opportunity for financial institutions to adopt a new approach to compliance and regulation.
Throughout May, we’ll be examining the past and present states of regtech and compliance, highlighting lessons learned that will shape the future of the sector. It’s all well and good talking about regtech in its current state, but the best conversations are had when discussing how it was able to reach this state and the impact it has had. Especially when you take into account how quickly the sector evolves. For years, compliance and regulation in fintech has been changing, but it was only catalysed by the pandemic. Read more

A Complete Guide on How to Start a Fintech Startup in 2023 (Startup Info)
Financial Technology or Fintech is a popular term for it has been in use for a while. The digital transformation technology has improved the way the financial sector responds to consumers’ needs, for it’s the technology they use to process their financial transactions. When you use your credit card to purchase goods or stocks online or pay for services, subscriptions, or make investments using Google Wallet, PayPal, or ApplePay, you’re using fintech. So fintech is in your day-to-day life. Actually, fintech has been growing at a brisk pace. The Global FinTech Market Size, Status and Forecast 2018-2025 report says that “the global fintech market will hit $124.3 million by 2025 at a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 23.84%.” For that reason, there are substantial investment opportunities for fintech startups. Read more

Banking on data (Fintech Futures)
With the European Parliament recently issuing the world’s first set of rules on AI, I’m switching my focus a little this week towards banks’ use of data. For me, although I have been coding since I was 12, it was not until much later that I realised the true power of data. I started at Lloyds Bank in 1986 as a trainee (not graduate) programmer and was involved in a huge programme rolling out networked PCs to the bank’s branches. To put this in context, the programme would eventually implement local area networks in over 2,000 branches with over 40,000 connected PCs. Each branch would be connected via the bank’s own wide area network to its mainframes. Read more

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