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Banxware and Rabobank make short-term financing more accessible

Banxware, a German Fintech, and Rabobank, the largest financier of SMEs in the Netherlands, announced a new partnership during Money2020, aimed at making short-term financing more accessible to small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs). To make this easier, Banxware offers an Embedded Lending solution in collaboration with Rabobank. Together, they bring financing options to popular digital business platforms, enabling entrepreneurs to apply for short-term financing within 15 minutes.

Combining Banxware’s state-of-the-art service capabilities and platform connections with Rabobank’s knowledge, funds and risk management capabilities, entrepreneurs gain new ways to access the financing they need. The collaboration introduces the possibility to apply for a loan within the digital environments that entrepreneurs use every day, such as e-commerce platforms, accounting software and purchasing and logistics platforms. The focus will be on the partners’ home markets with the option to further internationalize in the future.

The partnership enables entrepreneurs to access the short-term financing they need in a simple and responsible manner. Applying for a loan can be done within 15 minutes, and after approval the money can be in the entrepreneur’s bank account within 24 hours. Funding management is simple, with flexible repayments and an insightful dashboard.

As a cooperative bank, Rabobank has been a partner for small and medium-sized enterprises since its inception. Innovation has always been an integral part of its heritage. This collaboration is another example of how Rabobank is building on this heritage. Thomas Horn, Lead Strategy Embedded Lending, Rabobank: “Making short-term financing more accessible will help SMEs and the economy as a whole to thrive. A recent analysis shows that SMEs with short-term financing grow 2.2 times faster than corporates without short-term financing. Over the years, we have developed a reliable model to determine creditworthiness, proving that accessibility and due diligence are not at odds with each other.”

The partnership with Rabobank enables Banxware to expand its services and reach. Miriam Wohlfarth, CEO of Banxware: “This partnership brings tailor-made Embedded Financing products for SMEs to popular business platforms. Together with Rabobank, we now offer the full financing chain, including funds and end-to-end loan management to bridge cash flow gaps before they reach maturity. become a problem. I am very proud that Banxware is taking the first step towards internationalization in collaboration with a trusted partner like Rabobank.”

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