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Enfuce unveils radical brand evolution to raise the bar on brand creativity and purpose in fintech

●   Global issuer processor pioneer Enfuce unveils new identity and logo, reflecting its power to make everyday life flow and solutions with happiness  built-in
●  Enfuce’s brand evolution highlights how its connective and collaborative partnership approach is helping visionary leaders to deliver transformational customer experiences
●  Enfuce’s award-winning APIs, exceptional technological delivery, people-first culture and inclusive workplace highlighted as key success factors

Helsinki, 5 June 2023: Card issuing and processing pioneer Enfuce is unveiling its brand evolution at Money20/20, the world’s premier fintech event, breaking the mould for fintech and payment companies with a unique, stand-out brand concept. With its ability to create unique customer use cases, easier payment flows, happier customers and stronger revenues, Enfuce wants to be known as the fintech “where happiness is built-in”.
One of Europe’s fastest-scaling fintechs, demand for Enfuce’s award-winning modular issuer processor solutions is surging as banks, neobanks and non-financial companies embark on embedded payments-driven growth strategies, open new revenue streams, and look to create next-level payment experiences for their end users and customers now and into the future. Enfuce’s intention is to be the only strategic and collaborative issuer processor partner that visionary leaders need to drive transformative business growth and exceptional customer engagement.

Enfuce’s brand evolution comes as the fintech industry stands on the threshold of momentous opportunities despite the uncertain economic climate which has impacted fintech funding over the last year. Enfuce continues to scale at pace amid unprecedented demand for its services, with a slew of partnerships added across the government, B2B and B2C sectors over the last 12 months, highlighting how its compliance strengths and agile tech stack are making it the trusted and reliable strategic partner for financial and non-financial entities alike.

Moving away from the corporate and functional branding of the fintech industry, Enfuce’s new identity and logo have been designed to communicate its ability to make customers feel valued and treated as partners, and to make everyday life flow with its innovative modular propositions. Working with the largest global independent B2B marketing agency Transmission, Enfuce’s identity refresh follows a six-month development and consultation process involving its people, stakeholders and its clients. Overwhelming feedback highlighted that the keys to Enfuce’s success are listening to its clients’ needs and creating game-changing services that enhance their customers’ experiences, with the power to effect transformative change for its clients and across wider society.

Recognising the importance of linking its new brand to its customers’ situations, aspirations and emotions, Enfuce’s brand evolution also highlights how the processing powerhouse is bringing Finland’s reputation for happiness to fintech. The United Nations Sustainable Development Solutions Network released its annual World Happiness Report, which rates well-being in countries around the world. For the sixth year in a row, in 2023 Finland was ranked at the very top. Enfuce’s Finnish roots mean that since its inception, it has proactively infused the Nordic attributes of collaboration, reliability and trust within its team culture and into every aspect of its interactions with customers.

To bring the essence of happiness to life, a disruptive brand platform was developed with the power to add a spark of happiness across any and all channels. At its core, the brand evolution will truly cement the idea that working with Enfuce is the happiest experience customers could desire. Through joy-infused imagery, soothing videos, an experiential event presence at leading fintech event, Money20/20 Amsterdam, and even ASMR sound elements, a multi-sensory brand experience was delivered. The happy feeling is at the heart of Enfuce, in every element. From a playful but never silly tone of voice to a flowing personality-infused logo, every detail is carefully articulated to be the ultimate brand-differentiating package for a fresh-thinking organisation.

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