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Closing the cloud engineering gap in the Netherlands

In the midst of Covid, international software solution company, BBD, opened shop in the Netherlands, as part of their drive to deliver customised software solutions into the EU.

Since then, the Netherlands team has grown significantly, supplementing and complemented by teams across the United Kingdom, Portugal, South Africa and India through BBD’s well-established distributed development model. “Our goal”, says BBD Netherlands Director Liesl Bebb-McKay, “is to solve real business challenges through innovative technology solutions for our clients with our highly skilled experts”. Giving organisations the benefit of our varied and broad experience garnered over the past almost 40 years in sectors ranging from financial services to government, gaming, telecommunications and education”. To top it off, BBD boasts over 200 certified cloud professionals and has earned an AWS Advanced Partner and Azure Partner status.

Based out of Utrecht, BBD’s expert teams are looking forward to filling the gap in terms of cloud engineering skills and solving complex and common business challenges such as moving to and streamlining cloud operations, integration and automation, software development and assisting organisations in strategically roadmapping their digital operations. “We have also leveraged our experience to develop accelerators which speed up time to market and delivery timelines” explains Bebb-McKay.

Having already delivered value into the likes of ABN Amro Bank, ING, Nationale Nederlanden and Deloitte, BBD offers end-to-end solutions from analysing technical and business landscape to see how they can optimise business processes, to realising business strategies through technology, leveraging cloud computing, developing and implementing software, integration into new and existing solutions, and finally maintaining and support solutions to ensure a stable digital environment.

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