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New partnership to Reduce FX costs for UK Investors Buying U.S. Equities

London/New York, August 31, 2023 – Airwallex, our member and leading global payments and financial platform for modern businesses, has announced a strategic partnership with Public, a U.S.-based multi-asset investing platform. This partnership aims to minimize conversion costs for UK investors when they purchase U.S.-based equities using the Public app.

This announcement follows Public’s expansion into the UK, marking its first foray outside of the United States. The expansion allows UK members to create portfolios with access to over 5,000 U.S.-listed equities. Additionally, members will benefit from low foreign exchange (FX) fees and zero-commission trading during U.S. stock market hours. All these advantages come with access to Public’s deep data and insights.

Simplifying the Investment Journey

Airwallex’s financial infrastructure and global payment capabilities will play a pivotal role in creating a seamless investment journey for Public’s customers. By leveraging Airwallex’s API and developer toolkit, Public can offer UK investors a frictionless experience when converting their GBP into USD for U.S. stock investments. This integration will provide Public with a competitive edge as it continues to expand its user base in the UK. It has made it significantly easier for UK members to access U.S. markets.

Ryan O’Holleran, Head of Enterprise Sales, EMEA at Airwallex, emphasized the significance of this partnership, stating, “Access to a global investing platform levels the playing field for retail investors, and Airwallex’s financial operating infrastructure enables businesses like Public to operate on a global scale. We’re excited to be powering Public’s UK app and further break down barriers for UK investors to access the U.S. market.”

A Strategic Move Towards Global Expansion

Dann Bibas, GM of International at Public, highlighted the importance of this collaboration, saying, “Partnering with Airwallex has allowed Public to take the first step toward growing from a U.S.-based investment platform to a global one, aligning with our mission of making public markets work for all people. Looking ahead, we’re confident that Airwallex’s suite of products across cross-border payments and FX will enable Public to support more investors in more places for a long time to come.”

About Airwallex

Airwallex is a globally recognized financial platform designed to serve modern businesses by providing solutions for payments, treasury management, and expense control. With a proprietary infrastructure, Airwallex simplifies global payments and financial operations, enabling businesses of all sizes to explore new opportunities and expand beyond borders. Founded in Melbourne, Airwallex supports over 100,000 businesses worldwide and is trusted by prominent brands like Brex, Rippling, Navan, Qantas, SHEIN, and many others.

About Public

Public is an all-in-one investing platform that allows individuals to invest in stocks, treasuries, ETFs, cryptocurrencies, and alternative assets such as fine art and collectibles. The platform equips investors with custom company metrics, live market shows, and insights from a diverse community of millions, including investors, creators, and analysts. Public is committed to empowering better investors and expanding access to financial markets.


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