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eBook: Effectively Prevent Buy Now Pay Later Fraud

Our Holland Fintech member, a leading provider of cutting-edge fraud prevention solutions, has just released a new eBook that delves into the rapidly growing world of Buy-Now-Pay-Later (BNPL) payments. With the BNPL market estimated at a staggering $100 billion in sales in 2021 and 85% of existing users planning to continue using this payment option, the eBook explores the rise of BNPL and its associated fraud risks. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at the eBook’s key highlights and the invaluable insights it offers.

The Popularity of BNPL

The eBook kicks off by addressing the soaring popularity of Buy-Now-Pay-Later as a payment method. With a significant portion of consumers opting for BNPL, businesses have been quick to adopt this trend. The eBook delves into the reasons behind BNPL’s widespread appeal and why it has become such a prominent choice among consumers.

Understanding the Fraud Risks

As BNPL gains momentum, so do the risks associated with it.’s eBook provides valuable insights into the common types of BNPL fraud, shedding light on the various tactics fraudsters employ to exploit this payment method. It highlights the importance of recognizing and mitigating these risks to safeguard businesses and their customers.

Assessing Risk vs. Reward

One critical question addressed in the eBook is whether businesses should adopt BNPL or perceive it as too risky. In an environment where customer experience and trust are paramount, making the right decision regarding BNPL is crucial. The eBook offers guidance on evaluating the risk-reward balance, helping businesses make informed decisions about integrating BNPL into their payment options.’s BNPL Fraud Solution

To combat the emerging challenges posed by BNPL fraud effectively, the eBook introduces’s Buy Now Pay Later Fraud Solution, powered by advanced AI and machine learning technologies. This solution promises to protect businesses against BNPL fraud without introducing friction into the customer experience. It is a testament to’s commitment to delivering innovative and reliable solutions to combat the evolving landscape of fraud.

More Insights Await

The eBook isn’t limited to these highlights alone; it offers a comprehensive look at BNPL, covering various aspects and challenges. It provides readers with a deeper understanding of the BNPL landscape, equipping them with the knowledge needed to navigate the evolving world of payment options safely.

Conclusion: A Valuable Resource for Businesses’s eBook on preventing BNPL fraud is a valuable resource for businesses seeking to stay ahead in the ever-changing landscape of payment options and fraud prevention. With BNPL’s popularity on the rise, understanding the associated risks and adopting effective solutions is essential. This eBook offers a roadmap to businesses looking to strike the right balance between customer convenience and fraud prevention in the BNPL era.

In conclusion,’s commitment to staying at the forefront of fraud prevention is evident in this comprehensive eBook. It serves as a guide for businesses looking to harness the potential of BNPL while safeguarding themselves and their customers against fraud, ensuring a secure and trustworthy payment environment for all.

For more information and to access the eBook click here.

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