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A Partnership that Propels Lender & Spender into a New Phase of Growth

In a strategic move to fortify its position in the European online lending landscape, German financial platform auxmoney has invested significantly in the Dutch credit platform and Holland Fintech member, Lender & Spender. This move, announced just two months ago, marks a substantial development in the partnership that began flourishing in 2022.

A Blossoming Collaboration:

The collaboration, initiated in June 2022, has swiftly evolved into a deeper alliance as auxmoney acquires a majority stake in Lender & Spender. Robert Leclercq, CEO and co-founder of Lender & Spender, expressed excitement about the continued partnership, emphasizing the remarkable growth they have experienced in the past 12 months.

Leclercq noted, “Since the start of the partnership with auxmoney, we have been able to achieve strong growth over the past 12 months. We see many opportunities for further growth in the Dutch market through the combination of the use of smart technology, customer-oriented processes, and competitive financing.”

European Success Story:

With this investment, Lender & Spender becomes an integral part of auxmoney’s European success narrative. The German financial giant’s expertise and passion, coupled with Lender & Spender’s innovative approach, have fueled significant growth for the Dutch platform.

Boudewijn Dierick, Managing Director at auxmoney Investments, welcomed Lender & Spender to the auxmoney group, praising the successful growth achieved under their joint efforts. The partnership has seen the volume of new loans provided by Lender & Spender increase more than fivefold since its inception.

Shared Roots:

Both auxmoney and Lender & Spender initially started as crowdfunding platforms, leveraging technology and data to market the best financial products. The shared history and synergies between the two companies position them to innovate rapidly and sustain their growth trajectory.

Robert Leclercq highlighted this shared background, stating, “Both companies started as crowdfunding platforms and use technology and data to market the best products. By joining forces, we can innovate faster, and we have all the ingredients on board to continue our growth.”

Continued Autonomy for Lender & Spender:

Despite the acquisition, Lender & Spender will maintain its base in Amsterdam and continue operations under its existing name in the Dutch market. This decision ensures the preservation of the brand identity and allows the company to build upon its established presence.

About auxmoney:

auxmoney, recognized as a leading online consumer lending platform in Europe, focuses on enhancing access to affordable credit through unique risk models and digital processes. The platform not only benefits customers with better rates and a transparent process but also provides institutional investors with predictable returns.

About Lender & Spender:

Established in 2015, Lender & Spender is an innovative provider of consumer loans. With a team of 32 employees, the platform facilitates around 200 million euros per year in consumer loans. Lender & Spender distinguishes itself by using technology to offer consumers loans with lower interest rates in a customer-oriented and transparent manner.

Looking Ahead:

The strategic investment by auxmoney positions Lender & Spender for a new phase of growth, driven by the combined strengths of both platforms. As they continue to leverage smart technology and customer-focused strategies, the collaboration is poised to make a significant impact on the Dutch market, offering competitive financing solutions.

This strategic move not only solidifies the partnership but also sets the stage for further innovation and expansion in the dynamic landscape of online lending. As both companies embark on this exciting journey together, the auxmoney-Lender & Spender alliance is set to shape the future of consumer lending in Europe. Lear more about this partnership here.

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