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Episode Six Expands Role in Mastercard’s Engage Programme

Episode Six, a global provider of enterprise-grade payment processing and ledger infrastructure, has expanded its role in Mastercard’s Engage Programme, gaining access to technology partners across Europe. This move follows Episode Six’s initial enrollment in the Mastercard Engage Programme.

Being selected for Mastercard’s Engage Programme allows Episode Six fast and easy access to qualified technology partners across Europe. This comes at a time when the instalments market faces challenges due to economic conditions and updated regulatory requirements.

Despite industry pressures, Episode Six interprets its selection for Mastercard’s instalments programme as a testament to the growing demand for Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL) solutions. The company aims to offer BNPL solutions to future partners, driven by the increased desire of customers to access more BNPL services amid sustained financial pressures.

Episode Six recognized an opportunity to enter the BNPL market by leveraging its cloud-native TRITUM platform. This platform enables incumbent issuers to launch modern instalments solutions, with BNPL being a key focus. By providing BNPL offerings as a third-party service, Episode Six allows issuers to complement their current offerings without disrupting existing services.

Moreover, Episode Six’s platform allows issuers to offer these new instalments solutions to banks, supporting consumers in challenging economic times. Partnering with Mastercard Engage has streamlined Episode Six’s ability to provide solutions to new partners, as all clients are within the card processing giant’s network.

This collaboration also accelerates time to market for different product innovations. Mastercard Engage involves various partners, each contributing different components and integration capabilities to enable seamless payment experiences.

Participants in the Engage Programme gain opportunities to boost growth, access exclusive resources and perks, and enhance brand visibility. John Mitchell, CEO & Co-Founder of Episode Six, expresses delight in the company’s inclusion in the Mastercard Engage platform, reinforcing their commitment to revolutionizing the payment landscape and addressing evolving market needs.

Mastercard’s support for Episode Six reaffirms its position as a supporter of emerging technology trends, emphasizing its commitment to nurturing and supporting digitization for the future of financial services. Earlier this month, Mastercard highlighted its expectation of AI and computing advancements dominating innovation in financial services, aligning with its endorsement of Episode Six.

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