Top Dutch News – 19 March 2024

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Building an impactful fintech portfolio in emerging markets (IEX)

Caspar Sprokel, Head of Private Equity at Triodos Investment Management, highlights the importance of fintech in making financial services more accessible, particularly in emerging markets like Mexico. Fintech firms like Bien para Bien bridge the gap left by traditional banks, using technology for efficient credit assessments while maintaining a human touch. Triodos IM has built a robust fintech portfolio, totaling over €80 million in investments, focusing on financial inclusion. Emphasizing responsible fintech practices, Triodos IM collaborates with stakeholders to develop guidelines and offers retail investors access to fintech investments through the Triodos Fair Share Fund. Read more

Dutch revenue-based fintech Levenue acquires MidFunder to accelerate growth in the Swiss market (EU Startups)

Levenue, a leading revenue-based financing company in Europe, has acquired MidFunder, a Zurich-based FinTech specializing in financing companies with recurring revenue. This strategic move aims to enhance Levenue’s operations in Switzerland and reshape the landscape of business financing in the region. MidFunder’s rapid financing process and data-driven underwriting decisions align with Levenue’s mission to provide fair and non-dilutive capital to businesses. Together, they aim to accelerate innovative financing solutions and solidify their presence in the Swiss market. Read more

Wolters Kluwer Beneficial Ownership Platform Wins 2024 FinTech Breakthrough Award (Silicon Canals)

Wolters Kluwer, under the leadership of CEO Steven Meirink, has been recognized for its pioneering Beneficial Ownership Platform, designed to simplify compliance with new beneficial reporting requirements. The platform streamlines filing processes, enhances efficiency, and ensures compliance with current and ongoing obligations. Wolters Kluwer consulted with businesses and industry experts to develop this solution, incorporating early feedback to meet the needs of impacted entities. Despite low awareness of the regulatory rule, Wolters Kluwer’s efforts to raise awareness among small businesses, accounting and law professionals, and other impacted audiences have been commended by FinTech Breakthrough. Financial & Corporate Compliance, a division of Wolters Kluwer, offers a range of compliance solutions to help professionals maintain regulatory requirements and improve business outcomes. This recognition comes as Wolters Kluwer continues to innovate and lead in the financial technology space, earning it accolades in the FinTech Breakthrough Awards for its commitment to excellence and innovation. Read more

The Dutch own 7 to 9 billion euros in works of art (NOS)

The burgeoning popularity of art investment among Dutch individuals, with estimates suggesting ownership of art valued between 7 to 9 billion euros, is driven by both the potential for lucrative returns and tax incentives. However, challenges arise in distinguishing between art enthusiasts and investors for tax purposes due to a lack of comprehensive ownership data. Additionally, valuable artworks are often stored in foreign vaults to safeguard their value, limiting museum access and prompting concerns about wealth inequality. As policymakers consider these issues, the future of art investment and its impact on cultural institutions remain subjects of ongoing debate and scrutiny. Read more

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