Weekly Analysis And Opinion Highlights – 11 March 2024

Dive into the dynamic world of finance with our latest analysis highlights, exploring hot topics like from the challenges of retaining startup talent after acquisitions to climate goals for 2030, the reopening of the IPO window in sectors like SaaS and more.

350+ female VC partners in Europe: the complete and updated list (Sifted)

Sifted discusses the gender disparity in European venture capital firms, noting that only 16% of general partners are women, despite a recent increase in the number of female VC partners. The updated list compiled by Sifted now includes over 350 female VC partners across Europe. The rise is attributed to more women establishing their own funds. The article profiles 15 notable women who have started their own VC firms in Europe, but we encourage readers to contribute missing information or corrections to the list. Read more

IWD 2024: Fintech leaders reflect on industry progress (Fintech Magazine)

On International Women’s Day 2024, female leaders in fintech discuss progress in combating gender-based discrimination. Legal advancements have occurred, but challenges persist, diverse financial sectors foster innovation and economic growth, and the role of open banking in inclusive credit systems remains significant. They also highlight technology as a tool to inspire the next generation of female finance leaders. Leaders share personal challenges, encouraging women to redefine ambition, and urge to pioneer a compassionate approach, emphasizing fairness, equality, and mentorship programs for women. Overall, the discussions highlight the ongoing need for efforts to achieve gender parity and inclusivity in the financial services and fintech sectors. Read more

Fostering collaboration in finance: The key to overcoming AML compliance challenges (Fintech Global)

Flagright emphasizes the critical role of Anti-Money Laundering (AML) in safeguarding global financial systems, outlining regulations guided by international standards to prevent, detect, and report money laundering. Robust AML practices extend beyond compliance, contributing to an institution’s reputation, customer trust, and overall financial system security. A significant challenge lies in bridging the communication gap between AML compliance and operations teams, which is addressed through fostering collaboration, shared goals, and cross-training programs. Integrating AML with operations enhances compliance, drives operational efficiencies, and provides competitive advantages. Effective communication strategies, such as clear channels, a common language, cross-functional teams, technology use, training, top-down support, and continuous improvement, are crucial for strengthening the relationship between AML compliance and operational functions. Read more

Instant payments and the evolution of counter-fraud strategies (The Paypers)

In an interview, Anton Jan Cozijnsen from Rabobank discusses fraud and financial crime trends in 2023 and projects challenges for 2024. Key points include the increase in financial cyber fraud cases, the impact of AI and technology on fraud scenarios, and the challenges introduced by instant payments. Cozijnsen emphasizes the need for reliable client information for mitigating risks in instant payments and explores technologies like behavioural biometrics and machine learning for real-time counter-fraud measures. Overcoming challenges involves embracing advanced analytics and maintaining a customer-centric approach. Cozijnsen also stresses the importance of collaboration among financial institutions, urging data sharing and cross-industry cooperation to enhance fraud prevention collectively. Read more

Video: Kern AI at FinovateEurope 2024 – The importance of data-centric RAG
(Fintech Futures)

Johannes Hötter, CEO and co-founder of Kern AI, discusses the company’s emphasis on a data-centric approach for the adoption and deployment of large language models (LLMs) and broader AI innovations. The interview covers the significance of data-centric Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG), challenges in adoption, overcoming legacy issues, the potential standardization of data-centric RAG in the industry, and the efficient and safe harvesting of customized data to enhance LLM performance. The conversation provides insights into Kern AI’s strategy and the evolving landscape of data-centric approaches in the AI sector. Read more

ESG: Is payments sustainability still a thing? (Payments Cards & Mobile)

The analysis discusses the evolving relevance of sustainability in the banking and payments industry alongside challenges faced by banks in terms of profitability and regulatory scrutiny. It notes the shift in focus from the earlier Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) movement and the skepticism surrounding it. Despite the challenges, consumer demand remains a strong driver for sustainability efforts, with studies indicating that customers prefer brands aligned with the sustainability agenda. The paradox lies in consumer preference for traditional payment methods, such as plastic cards, which have environmental implications. The article emphasizes the potential for improving sustainability by adopting eco-friendly materials in card production, reducing paper usage, and incorporating sustainable energy practices. It also highlights the importance of considering the disposal and recycling of card products for a comprehensive sustainability strategy in the future. Read more

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