Weekly Research Highlights – 9 April 2024

The fintech industry is rapidly evolving and disrupting traditional financial systems. In this article, we bring you the latest research insights to help you stay ahead of the curve and understand the future of financial technology. Enjoy researching!

The department provides insight into the applicable (transitional) law after the destruction of a zoning plan (Stibbe)

The Division of the Council of State’s recent ruling clarified the legal framework for decisions made post-January 1, 2024, in the aftermath of zoning plan annulments. While the default scenario entails the application of the Environmental Act to new decisions, exceptions exist where the old law may still be applicable. This ruling provides vital guidance for municipalities grappling with spatial planning post-annulment, offering clarity on the legal parameters within which decisions must be made. By delineating these parameters, the ruling seeks to promote legal certainty and informed decision-making among municipal councils, ensuring compliance with relevant legal frameworks and facilitating effective land use management and development. Read more

Full Steam Ahead: The 2024 MAD (Machine Learning, AI & Data) Landscape (Mattturck)

The annual report on the landscape of data, analytics, machine learning, and AI reflects a dynamic and transformative ecosystem. It outlines the progression from niche to mainstream adoption, driven by advancements in digitization, storage, processing, and analysis of data, alongside the increasing capabilities of ML/AI models. This evolution has profound implications for various aspects of society, business, and geopolitics. The report also delves into 24 key themes for 2024, covering emerging trends, challenges, and opportunities within the MAD ecosystem. Additionally, it provides insights into financings, M&A, and IPOs, indicating the industry’s financial health and growth trajectory. Overall, the report offers a comprehensive overview of the current state and future prospects of the MAD ecosystem. Read more

The BES 2024 Report sent to Parliament (MEF)

The 2024 Report on Fair and Sustainable Wellbeing (BES Report) highlights the positive trend of the Italian economy and public interventions supporting economic and social stability. Key provisions in the 2024 Budget Law positively impact economic indicators like adjusted gross disposable income per capita, income inequality, and poverty rates. Measures include partial social security contribution exemptions, support for public employees, and early retirement extensions. Forecasts predict continued economic growth, with initiatives targeting social policies, female employment, childcare, and work inclusion expected to yield positive outcomes. Additionally, data shows progress in labor market dynamics and a reduction in the gender gap, indicating strides towards work-life balance.. Read more

Finch Capital Market Pulse – March Edition (Finch Capital)

The March edition of the Monthly Market Pulse by Finch Capital focuses on seven core themes across Finance & Business Technology: Insurance, Banking & Wealth Management, Payments, Tax & Accounting, Regulatory, Legal & Compliance, HR & Payroll, and Business Process Automation. In this report, recent trends and performance within each theme are analyzed. It highlights top M&A and fundraising deals in Europe and examines the financial performance of public companies within each core theme, providing insights into the current industry landscape. Readers can download their copy of the Market Pulse for more detailed information. Read more

Screenshot 2024-03-27 at 22.16.01.png

State of Venture Q1’24 Report (CBInsights)

In Q1’24, the venture capital landscape experienced mixed trends. While overall funding saw a modest rebound of 11% quarter-over-quarter, deal volume continued to decline for an eighth consecutive quarter. Mega-rounds, particularly in generative AI, drove a significant portion of the funding, indicating sustained interest in blockbuster deals. Despite the emergence of 19 new unicorns globally, fintech funding fell by 16%, while digital health and retail tech saw gains. Silicon Valley remained the dominant hub for VC activity, capturing 42% of US funding. Overall, while there was some positivity in funding, challenges persist in deal volume and sector performance, reflecting the complex dynamics of the venture capital market in Q1’24. Listen more

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