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As the legal services landscape begins to embrace the digitization of their processes, technology continuing to mature, and the legal services industry becoming increasingly competitive; the sector is primed for the introduction of a superior method of providing an age-old service…driven by LegalTech


A traditionally conservative and risk averse profession has begun the adoption of both software and technology to enhance, replace and/or support much of their internal processes and customer facing services.


The scope of LegalTech encompasses:

Marketplaces that better connect clients with legal specialists in the required field.

Expediting the provision of services by lawyers (eg. Automation of both drafting and interpreting contracts/forms).

Improving the efficiency of back office processes – particularly burdensome for legal firms who comply with a multitude of administrative and evidentiary regulations (eg. E-discovery , document storage and management).

Digitising the provision of legal services (eg. Online platforms that can provide guidance and provision of certain lower-level legal tasks such as immigration application forms).


If you are interested in contributing to the development of this track we have created a structured programme that allows ample opportunity for each stakeholder of this practice area to participate. We will kick off with a Foundations Roundtable that will lean on key industry players to help us map out the LegalTech landscape and shape the upcoming agenda for the LegalTech practice area.


Using information and insights validated from this, we will produce an Industry Outline that compiles the trends, developments, investment and players in the space.

This outline will provide a platform for us to consult and inform all interested parties during four pillar events, each one individually concentrating on the LegalTech components of:

1) Regulations & Compliance
2) Customer Experience

3) Technology & Data
4) Innovative Solutions


This will all culminate in the production of an Industry Report that will detail all the information, insights and developments validated throughout the process, and provide a knowledge base for LegalTech.


Foundations Roundtable

Our LegalTech Foundations Roundtable will bring key stakeholders and thought-leaders from both the legal services industry and LegalTech solution provision landscape to map out the defining topics and trends in this emerging sub-sector. This includes gaining an understanding of how regulations are supporting/preventing LegalTech adoption, the potential it presents to make legal services more accessible and efficient, which solutions are being developed/funded/supplied, and how this can all be brought together to collaborate on innovative disruption of the legal services industry.

We are excited to connect like-minded companies and individuals who can jointly contribute to creating an actionable LegalTech track that generates an in-depth and relevant knowledge-base that has been refined by industry experts. The law is infinitely complex but there is now a constantly evolving partnership between lawyers and technology that must be harnessed to benefit the industry and society alike.



(Monday) 09:00 - 11:30


137D Wibautstraat, 1097 DN Amsterdam



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