Talent Page

👋Hello there! We are launching a new project focused on the existing talent market & vacancies opportunities within fintech. We would like to have an open call for the companies in our network that want to get involved to have their vacancies featured on our Holland FinTech website, under the future Talent Page, to provide your input.

🔎How does it work? Easy. You need to provide us with your company name & career page. We have included 2 additional questions to find out more about your challenges when it comes to filling in positions and explore how we can help you!

🚩Survey link: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/8F2SMZ6

🔔For the first trial, we only have #100 company spots available for the portal. If the project is successful, we will increase the number of companies which can participate. First come, first served basis for now. Deadline: ASAP.