FinTech meets the Regulators: Connecting the Financial Ecosystem with Smart Supervision
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Holland FinTech Event
Jun 2022
- 17:30
B. Amsterdam

FinTech meets the Regulators: Connecting the Financial Ecosystem with Smart Supervision

About this event:

DNB and Holland FinTech invite you to the 6th edition of FinTech meets the Regulators!

Technological developments are changing the financial world at an ever increasing pace. Collaboration among regulators, supervised institutions – such as banks, insurers and pension institutions – and other key ecosystem players such as startups, vendors, consultants and academics, is key for creating a thriving financial ecosystem that is both safe and innovative.

During this annual event, representatives from the spectrum of financial services come together with DNB, ACM, AFM & AP.

During a central program (first part) the main technological developments and the role of ecosystem players are discussed with a focus on Open Finance and Artificial Intelligence. During the break-outs (second part), in which dialogues in smaller settings are facilitated, we will discuss key topics at the intersection of innovation and supervision.

The event will be hosted in B. Amsterdam (Johan Huizingalaan 763A) on June, 1st. The program will take place from 14.00 (walk in from 13.30) until 17.30 followed by drinks.  Around 200 people will be onsite (a broad representation of supervisors, licensed and non-licensed institutions) and the central program will be livestreamed for a broader audience.

Because onsite tickets are limited do not hesitate and register now. We hope to see you June 1st!

Kind regards,

De Nederlandsche Bank and Holland FinTech

B. Amsterdam is easy to reach by bike or public transport (10 min walk from metrostation Henk Sneevlietweg). For parking the B.1 parking deckis available for 2€ per hour.


Walk in from 13.30.

Program starts at 14:00 and will finish at ~17:30, followed by drinks.

Opening – by Steven Maijoor (Executive Director DNB)

Key Note – digital transformation in the financial sector and the role of supervision by Nathalie Berger (Director for Support to member States’ Reforms – European Commission)

Panel Open Finance -with Conny Dorrestijn (BankiFi), Antonio Biason (European Commission DG CNECT), Daniel Morgan (Plaid), Jeroen Plag (ING), Daniël Marovitz ( and Sophie Cohen (DNB) + Willem Heeringa (DNB) Jonathan Collett (

Panel Explainable AI – with Patrick de Neef (DNB), Marleen Huysman (Vrije Universiteit), Bart Zwartjes (AFM), Rik de Kort (PGGM) en Marijn van Aerle (Floryn) +Emma Engbers (Mastermind)

Up till this point the program will also be livestreamed. The next part of the program (from ~16:00 onwards) will be onsite only.

Break-out sessions: Two dialogue sessions will be hosted around relevant topics at the intersect of innovation & supervison. Participants can choose two from the following topics: BigTechs & platformisation, Digital ID, Reinforcing the InnovationHub, AML, Data-Driven Innovation in Supervision, MiCAR.

BigTechs and platformization.Digitalization and platformization open doors for an increasing role for BigTechs in financial services which may change the market fundamentally. Which scenarios are conceivable, and how should regulators react?

Digital ID, e-identity, attribute-based identity, self-sovereign identity: connecting digital financial services to the right human being can be a challenge. In this session we will discuss developments, difficulties and upcoming regulation.

Reinforcing the Innovationhub: How can we reinforce our joint information desk support for firms that have queries about supervision and regulations relating to innovative financial products and services?

AML: During this AML breakout session, DNB’s integrity supervision department will present an anomaly detection model. This model was used as an experiment for data-driven validation research of AML risk-scoring by institutions.

Data-driven innovation in supervision chain: Chances and challenges for innovation in the chain to improve supervision for both DNB and the sector.

The Markets in Crypto-Assets Regulation (MiCAR) will further bring the crypto realm within the AFM and DNB’s mandate. What chances and challenges does MiCAR bring in terms of ensuring adequate consumer protection, upholding a level-playing field (both within and between different jurisdictions), aligning regulators and firms’ respective expectations, and keeping up with innovation?

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