Open Banking & CX Transformation Leadership Forum
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- 22
Feb 2024
Customer Experience, Finance, Germany
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Open Banking & CX Transformation Leadership Forum

The 6th annual ‘Open Banking & SCA Leadership Forum‘ in Germany has undergone a strategic transformation, now known as the ‘Open Banking & CX Transformation Leadership Forum.’ This evolution signifies a commitment to exploring the latest developments in Open Banking and emphasizes the crucial role of Customer Experience (CXtransformation in shaping the future of the financial ecosystem. The OBCX Forum is more than just a conference; it’s a transformative journey where industry pioneers, thought leaders, and CX visionaries converge to redefine Open Banking into Open Finance. Going beyond compliance and technology, the forum focuses on crafting seamless customer experiences and fostering innovation.

Key Highlights:

1.The event is designed to be a transformative journey, exploring advancements in Open Banking and delving into the pivotal role of CX transformation in shaping the financial ecosystem’s future.

2. Bringing together industry pioneers, thought leaders, and CX visionaries, the forum aims to redefine Open Banking emphasizing seamless customer experiences and fostering innovation.

3.The 2-day forum features 40-50 hand-picked speakers from leading banks, regulators, insurers, corporates, and FinTechs, providing diverse perspectives on the evolving landscape. With over 200 expected attendees

4.The forum extends an invitation to individuals interested in being a part of this exciting event, encouraging collaboration and knowledge exchange among professionals in the financial sector.


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