Holland Fintech presents the Dutch Fintech Landscape 3.0

29 Nov Holland Fintech presents the Dutch Fintech Landscape 3.0

The Dutch fintech sector has been growing at a rapid pace in the year 2016. When Holland Fintech launched its first Dutch Fintech Landscape Infographic seven months ago and a month after the second version was published with over 200 companies, the fintech scene in the Netherlands was primarily dominated by start-ups disrupting alternative finance, payments, data analytics and wealth management. Since then, however, the Dutch fintech sector has not only expanded in terms of the number of start-ups but also in terms of areas of disruption.

Hence, Holland Fintech proudly presents the third iteration of its popular infographic titled the Dutch Fintech Landscape 3.0. As you can view the infographic there are Dutch start-ups disrupting all areas of the financial industry ranging from mobile payments and alternative finance to insurance and compliance.

The Dutch Fintech Landscape 3.0 infographic not only provides an overview of the entire fintech sector but is also a testament to the fact that Holland, and most notably its capital Amsterdam, has become a leading global fintech hub where innovation in thriving.

Thanks to a regulatory-friendly environment created by the Dutch government and the central bank, fintech start-ups have found an excellent location in the Netherlands to build revolutionary financial products and services to create a more efficient and customer-friendly financial industry.

To see or download [PDF] the high resolution infographic – click here.

In 2017 we will publish the European version of Fintech Landscape Infographic. If you are Fintech companies in Europe and would like to be featured, please contact us at info@hollandfintech.com