-Holland FinTech proudly present the Dutch Fintech Scene Infographic 2.0-

26 May -Holland FinTech proudly present the Dutch Fintech Scene Infographic 2.0-

In April 2016 Holland FinTech published the first infographic illustrating the Dutch Fintech scene. Today Holland Fintech has published an updated version of the infographic, which now includes twice as many Fintech companies and several new sub-sectors within the Dutch Fintech landscape that have been identified.

HFT scene infographic 1_0.2.1

New fintech sub-sectors, which have been added to the infographic, are ‘accounting admin’, ‘legal tech’ and ‘e-commerce tech’. Accounting admin encompasses companies that aim to facilitate financial administrative tasks using new innovative technologies. Legal tech covers start-ups that aim to improve financial institutions’ compliance and legal processes and systems. While E-commerce tech comprises companies that aim to improve the financial aspects of e-commerce businesses.

The biggest areas in which Dutch Fintech companies are active in are the payments space, alternative finance and investment management. However, areas such as identity, security and data analytics have also seen many new companies emerge in Holland in the last few years.

As this infographic illustrates, Holland has grown into of the main Fintech hubs in Europe and many Dutch Fintech companies are on the forefront of disrupting the European financial industry.

If you are a Dutch Fintech company and you do not see yourself listed on the infographic please contact us at info@hollandfintech.com